The iPad Mini Release - It's Short, But Is It Sweet? weighs in on the question: To iPad Mini, or not to iPad Mini?

Oct 23, 2012, 13:06 ET from Cash for Laptops

RENO, Nev., Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- By now, you've heard that the newest iPad (dubbed either the "mini," "nano," or "next," among others) is counting down toward its official release, rumoured to be 2 November for the general public.  A "special invitation" is scheduled for 23 October, where Apple is expected to announce the official launch date and quash the rumor mill about its features.  (We're kind of hoping they start with the name first.)

We still don't know why Apple is moving into the teeny tiny sized portables market, as Steve Jobs was very much against it.  With all the competition from Android users and's Kindle Fire, it just makes sense that Apple would throw their weight into the sandbox.  So – the question is, Will Apple play nice and build little sandcastles with the other kids, or will they be that jerk in the old Charles Atlas ads in the back of comic books that pushes the smaller guy around?

Does It Have Style, Substance, or Both? While we like to pretend we're international spies for Her Majesty, and get cooler and smaller gadgets, the reality has been that in order to increase functionality, the size of the unit has to be larger to accommodate it.  Highly unlikely with the Mini.  It's rumoured to have a quad-core A5 processor with 4 times the graphics of the previous incarnation.  This processor will be powering the critically acclaimed Retina Display – a display capable of showing extreme high definition at 2048x1536 resolution.  Further, it's smaller than the previous versions, so it can easily be carried around in a purse, small backpack, or even (((shudder))) a murse.

How Can I Get This?  Admit it - new tech is rapidly becoming chic and sexy again.  With all this sexiness being flaunted around, it's hard to gauge if it can be purchased quickly upon its release date.  Some of these Lilliputian units may be found (initially) very briefly at third party retailers or even online (although not at the beginning for most).  Our recommendation:  Be prepared.  Be prepared to drop some cash at a moment's notice!

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