The Law Firm of DISCEPOLO LLP has Filed a Federal Lawsuit on Behalf of Former Baltimore City Police Detective Joseph Crystal, who Resigned in the Face of retaliation by the Police Department for reporting criminal activity by other Baltimore City Police officers

Baltimore City Police Department - First Amendment Retaliation, Violation of Maryland Wage and Hour Law, and Constructive Discharge, Federal Lawsuit filed

Jan 08, 2015, 13:47 ET from DISCEPOLO LLP

BALTIMORE, Jan. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The law firm of DISCEPOLO LLP has filed a lawsuit on behalf of former Baltimore City Police Department Detective Joseph Crystal against Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, Sergeant Robert Amador, and the Baltimore City Police Department with allegations of First Amendment Freedom of Speech retaliation, violation of Maryland wage and hour law, and constructive discharge in retaliation for reporting to the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office an unjustified 2011 physical assault of a drug suspect by other Baltimore City police officers. The Federal Lawsuit is Crystal v Batts. et al, filed in the United States District Court of Maryland, Northern Division, case 1:14-cv-03989-JKB.

"We support Joseph Crystal in his efforts to uphold the Oath of Office he so proudly took as a police officer for the City of Baltimore. The actions he has taken are a measured attempt to maintain the integrity of the many fine men and women in law enforcement who uphold and respect the law and policies of their respective departments on a daily basis, giving the badge they wear the honor it deserves," stated Crystal's attorney, Don Discepolo. "Actions like those taken within the Baltimore City Police Department tarnish the badge of law enforcement, add to the growing tension between police and community, and form an ever more divisive sense of trust within the public at-large. Joseph Crystal acted in good faith, as any responsible individual citizen would, and we are proud to represent him for his courageousness in standing tall against poor judgment and inexcusable actions of his colleagues and superiors."

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