The Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey Secures Favorable Result for Client

Mar 04, 2016, 18:10 ET from The Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., March 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey is pleased to have helped our client, Edward T., avoid more than a decade behind bars. Edward, a former sheriff's deputy for Kern County, was charged with nine different offenses related to several incidents which occurred in October of 2015.

Our Client Struggled With Pain
Edward is an 18 year veteran of the Kern County Sheriff's Department, and was well-liked amongst his peers. His time on the force was not easy, however, as Edward suffered back injuries that caused him immense ongoing pain. Furthermore, he fought a battle against throat cancer that was both physically and emotionally tormenting. Presumably in an attempt to find relief, he began using drugs.

On October 24, Edward was arrested after he allegedly pointed a firearm at a child. Three days later, he was arrested again after sending suicidal text messages to his girlfriend. In this second arrest, deputies found a number of firearms and ammunition in his vehicle. Edward escaped from police custody at the downtown jail, but law enforcement officers caught up with him several days later.

Fighting For Justice
For many years, Edward was a productive and well-regarded member of the Sheriff's department. However, the immense physical and emotional pain he suffered during this time ultimately caused him to stray from this path. In the words of Attorney Kyle Humphrey, "Human beings are pretty fragile, and it's easy to step off in the wrong direction."

We were able to help secure the dismissal of six serious charges on Edward's behalf. He ultimately pleaded no contest to three offenses - misdemeanor DUI, being under the influence of drugs while in possession of a loaded firearm, and assault likely to cause great bodily injury. This will yield one year in prison for Edward, as well as a year in a residential facility – a far cry from the 10-12 years he initially faced.

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