The Lennon Sisters Celebrate 55 Years In Entertainment

Christmas Eve Marks the Singing Debut on the Lawrence Welk Show for "America's Sweethearts of Song"

Dec 14, 2010, 05:30 ET from KatJan

BRANSON, Mo., December 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Lennon Sisters, who made their first appearance on The Lawrence Welk Christmas Show for ABC TV in 1955, will celebrate their 55th Anniversary this year.  From that very first night on television, America was captivated by the sweet harmonies of sixteen-year-old Dianne (Dee Dee), fourteen-year-old Peggy, twelve-year-old Kathy, and nine-year-old Janet Lennon, dubbing them "America's Sweethearts of Song."  

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Highlights from The Lennon Sisters entertainment career include:

  • Over 100 recordings
  • Performed every Saturday night for 13 years on the Lawrence Welk Show -- for the debut:
  • Starred in their very own  variety show for The ABC Network, "Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters Hour"
  • Performed regularly with Andy Williams on his  NBC TV show and in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace
  • Performed for seven U.S. Presidents including: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon,  Ford, Carter and Reagan
  • Guest appearances on nearly every variety show from The Mickey Mouse Club to The Ed Sullivan Show
  • Inspired early entertainment merchandise lines including paper dolls, dolls, adventure books, TV trays, coloring books and more
  • Appeared regularly as "bookends" for Paul Lynde on the Hollywood Squares TV Show
  • Received their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1988
  • Published their memoir, "Same Song, Separate Voices" in 1989
  • Inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2001
  • Mainstream American game shows Q&A …as Jeopardy , Family Feud, PEOPLE Mag. crossword puzzle, and Trivial Pursuit, also SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE  has had a re- occurring skit spoofing The Lennon Sisters
  • Kathy and Janet Lennon have successfully launched a line of award-winning children's products, BEST PALS,  that pays tribute to their 1950's childhood and includes reproductions of the original Lennon Sisters Paper Dolls
  • Entering their 17th year of performing at the Welk Theatre in Branson, Missouri (with their younger sister, Mimi)

Though the Lennon Sisters' achieved numerous accomplishments and have had seemingly perfect lives -- they have been through personal challenges and tragedy.  In 1969, fueled by movie magazine articles, an obsessed fan gunned down their father after months of stalking family members.  In the wake of that tragic event, the Lennons were resilient in maintaining their love for one another and having a strong belief in their faith.  

Each of the Lennon Sisters offers a different view of what it means to be celebrating this milestone anniversary and the magic of being a sister.

Dianne (Dee Dee) Lennon:  "Where did the time go?   Only yesterday we were four little girls singing in Church!  We were big sisters in a big family and now we have our own families, and we are grandmothers!  What?!?   How blessed we have been to have kept our love for each other through many challenging times through the years.  I treasure the good times and am able to forget the bad times because of THEM ... MY SISTERS!    I am proud to have sung all these years together and I still get teary-eyed and have goose bumps when we sing May You Always or our Christmas medley.  I love each one of them as only a sister can -- and I am thankful."

Peggy Lennon: "What do I think when I see 55 years? ... A very long time and a brief moment in time.  Through the years we sisters often spoke about the fact that we were not particularly interested in having a singing career, but rather that it was a way of raising our families and paying bills.  We loved the sound we made together, but it didn't have to be in front of an audience ... we could sing at home.  But after all these years I realized that singing gave us a chance to be together as sisters on a level that few families have ever experienced.  Sitting in our dressing rooms (in theaters or at the infields at State Fairs) we spent precious hours sharing our  most intimate feelings and being close, true and loving friends.  We have disagreed at times, but never fought.  We needed one another, but gave to each one the privacy and space that was so important to four such different personalities.  We lived together with the greatest respect.  55 years, and I love them more each day.  I thank God for giving me this privilege."

Kathy Lennon: "It is so hard to believe I have been singing on stage for 55 years. How did it go by so quickly?  I am still amazed by the fact that we only had one audition ever and that 4 scared little "girls next door," actually debuted on The Lawrence Welk Television Show Christmas Eve, 1955.  And I am humbled by the fact that I have had the joy of blending voices and spirits with my incredible sisters. I will always cherish the feeling of being on stage with them. I am honored that we have shared the stage with some of the nation's top entertainers.  We have also had the pleasure of singing to audiences all over the country in 49 States, and the support of the most loyal fan following imaginable. And I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and respect for our incredible parents who kept us normal -- which wasn't (and still isn't) an easy feat in Hollywood."  

Janet Lennon:  "55 years ago I was a shy fourth grader who happened to sing with my big sisters. As fate would have it, we met and sang for Lawrence Welk and our lives were forever changed.  TV was brand new then and we came into people's living rooms every Saturday night for 13 years. Our fans have been amazing as we've grown from little girls to seasoned performers and we continue to interact with them as often as possible. We are still on stage in Branson (along with our younger sister, Mimi) and will continue to perform as long as it remains fulfilling to us. Through all of our years of entertaining, being 'Best Sisters' has always been the most important thing to us. And we are ... Happy Anniversary to us!"

The Lennon Sisters (Kathy, Janet, and Mimi) will be appearing in various Concerts through 2011, culminating in a Lennon Sisters Christmas Concert in St. Charles, MO.

Their instant stardom has lasted now for 55 Years.  The Lennon Sisters are American legends.

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