The Little Box that Could

Nooky Box delivers a curated sexperience while seeking to change the conversation about sex

Feb 22, 2016, 05:00 ET from The Nooky Box

MISSOULA, Mont., Feb. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Nooky Box, an innovative themed subscription box designed to help people enjoy their bodies and desires without fear or shame, today announced the launch of its website and initial product offerings. The company is now taking orders for its first boxes, to be shipped in March.

More than just a toy-of-the-month club, Nooky Box delivers a bimonthly, personally curated, sex positive experience for subscribers of all orientations. Each themed box – heterosexual, gay or lesbian, to start – includes premium, safe and recyclable toys, lube and condoms, an erotic story and suggested playlist. Combined, the box's contents create a thoughtful and enticing experience for users.

Additionally, the Nooky Box offers gift boxes for specific life events, including the Bridal Box, the Vacation Box, and the Vibe Box, among others. Similar to subscription boxes, the gift boxes include stories, toys and suggested music. The cost for the bimonthly subscription is $80; gift boxes will range from $55 to $125.

Founder and CEO Meg Ross said her motivation for the Nooky Box was threefold: to fuel healthy discussion about sex, to fill a noticeable gap in the marketplace and to offer users a richer and safer experience.

"Sex is a loaded topic for most people," Ross said, "often bringing up fear, shame, and embarrassment. I wanted to find a way to get people talking, particularly with their partners, in a healthy and playful manner while encouraging greater intimacy."

As with any startup, understanding the marketplace was key to launching the company. What Ross discovered upon surveying the competition was both enlightening and disappointing. "Most of the available products were geared toward men's fantasies and always heterosexual men. There was really nothing available for women, gays, lesbians or singles," she said. "And it all seemed quite exploitive."

As part of her commitment to creating more enjoyable sexual experiences, Ross sought out vendors with similar values. The Nooky Box includes only those products that are safe and healthy, and it offers further education and support through blog posts (written by a certified sex therapist), newsletters and the soon-to-launch online resource, Nooky U.

"There's definitely a need for the Nooky Box," Ross said. "I hope it will be embraced by a range of people and bring real change to their relationships and conversations."


SOURCE The Nooky Box