The Lyftie Awards Crown the Nation's Destinations with most "Drop Offs" of 2015

More than 60 Local Hotspots in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and More Among Winners in Lyft's First Annual Awards Program

Dec 29, 2015, 08:00 ET from Lyft

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Lyft, the fastest-growing ridesharing company in the U.S., has announced The Lyftie Awards, the first annual awards program that celebrates businesses and points of interest with the most Lyft passenger drop-offs throughout the year.

Based on destination data from 2015, more than 60 restaurants, bars, event venues, transit stops, and local attractions will receive Lyftie Awards in Lyft's top markets across the U.S., including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, D.C., Boston, Seattle, Austin, Nashville, and Miami. Divided into six categories, The Lyfties truly represent the best of 2015 and the hottest destinations for both visitors and locals in our nation's most iconic cities.

Each city has its own set of winners, listed below, but some destinations boasted the most Lyft passenger drop-offs nationwide. Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Lyfties:


Most Visited Restaurant: Tacolicious, San Francisco

Most Visited Bar: The Abbey, Los Angeles

Most Visited Coffeehouse: Starbucks

Most Visited Business School: Harvard Business School, Boston

Trending Category: Transit stops made up the top category of 2015.

Most Visited Restaurant:

Most Visited Bar:

Most Visited Event Space:

Most Visited Transit Stop:

Only in…

  • Austin: Once a sleepy street lined with bungalows, Rainey Street now has more than 15 bars and food trucks, and was one of the top destinations of 2015.
  • Boston: Historic neighborhood Jeffries Point was a top destination in 2015.
  • Chicago: The top deep dish spot according to Lyft passengers? Pequod's Pizza
  • D.C.: Locals and visitors love The Lincoln Memorial. This was the most-visited landmark.
  • Los Angeles: The top shopping destination? The Beverly Center.
  • Miami: Miami beaches are tough to beat. 8th and Ocean was the most requested beach drop-off of 2015.
  • Nashville: Ryman Auditorium, known as the "Mother Church of country music," was one of the top drop-offs of 2015.
  • New York: The top museum according to Lyft passengers? The Met.
  • San Francisco: The technology company or startup with the most dropoffs? Airbnb.
  • Seattle: Locals and visitors love Pike Place. The destination was the most requested dropoff of 2015.

Trending Destinations:

  • Austin: The top outdoor drop-off was Zilker Metropolitan Park.
  • Boston: Of all the squares in the Boston area, Harvard is the most requested drop-off.
  • Chicago: The top requested destination in Chicago was TCBY.
  • D.C.: College students love Lyft. Three out of the top five destinations in DC were universities.
  • Los Angeles: There may be more juice bars per capita, but In-N-Out was a top destination this year.
  • Miami: Miami residents are a stylish bunch. Half of the top destinations in 2015 were shopping malls.
  • Nashville: Nashville residents and visitors love their nightlife. 85% of the top destinations were nightspots.
  • New York: New Yorkers love their trusty NYC transit system. 88% of the top destinations were transit stops.
  • San Francisco: Haight Ashbury was the top-searched destination.
  • Seattle: Seattle stays true to its roots. Starbucks was the most visited coffee destination.

The full list of the winners and more can be found at

In the coming weeks, winners will receive their very own Lyftie Awards sticker to proudly display inside the window of their establishment. National winners will also receive a customized Lyftie trophy as an extra celebration of Lyft's appreciation.

Every city is different, and the Lyfties celebrate the personality and character of each local community. Whether going out to eat, visiting a local attraction, or using Lyft to connect to the nearest transit stop, millions of people are foregoing traditional options and using Lyft to rediscover their city.

"Congratulations to all Lyftie award winners! 2015 was a year of unparalleled growth and momentum for Lyft, and the Lyftie Awards are our way of showing our appreciation of the local businesses that helped our growth," said Cherie Yu, Director of Local Marketing for Lyft. "As we head into 2016, we look forward to deepening our roots in each of these cities and continuing to offer the Lyft community the safest and most affordable way to get their most beloved restaurants, bars, and attractions."

To celebrate this year's winners, Lyft and The Abbey will co-host the first Lyftie Awards party at The Abbey in Los Angeles on January 28, 2016. More information will become available soon.

To help passengers further the celebration of The Lyftie Awards, Lyft is keeping its standard 200% Prime Time cap over New Year's Eve. Lyft passengers across the nation can spend more time enjoying friends and family at their own favorite local spots and less time worrying about unexpected, sky-high price hikes. Lyft is committed to keeping safe rides affordable for passengers, no matter the occasion.

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