The MDE Group Launches Risk 3.0™

Comprehensive Portfolio Solution Addresses New Financial Market Realities and Delivers Less Overall Risk and More Consistent Returns

Oct 13, 2010, 08:00 ET from The MDE Group

NEW YORK and MORRISTOWN, N.J., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The MDE Group, a leading wealth management firm, today announced the launch of Risk 3.0™, an evolutionary step forward in risk and portfolio management.  Risk 3.0™ emphasizes a risk-centric approach to investing that moves beyond past methods of wealth management and addresses the current challenging investment environment.

Risk 3.0™ seeks superior risk-adjusted returns by implementing an array of innovative strategies optimized for the new market realities of slow growth, continued volatility and periodic crisis.  Risk 3.0 is not a market-timing strategy but a flexible, transparent, liquid and cost-effective means of managing investments in today's financial markets.

"While the world has changed, unfortunately the approach of many investors has not," said Mitchell Eichen, Founder and CEO of The MDE Group.  "Our approach replaces all or most long-only equity exposure with a set of planned returns that substantially reduce those areas of market loss we believe are most probable, while simultaneously multiplying and expanding the most probable areas of market gains."

Based on the current market outlook, The MDE Group plans returns for the core of its Risk 3.0™ portfolio using two unique strategies: Planned Return Strategy® and Third Rail Strategy™.  The MDE Group's Planned Return Strategy® combines volatility buffers and return multipliers, providing investors with a higher level of built-in certainty during volatile conditions.

The MDE Group's Third Rail™ Strategy provides cost-effective protection against extreme market shocks while still retaining attractive returns.  Both strategies are implemented in separately managed accounts and are liquid daily.

"The goal of the Risk 3.0™ portfolio is to preserve capital against small market losses, suffer minimal declines during moderate market losses, and avoid the majority of steep market losses," said Dr. John Longo, Chairman of The MDE Group's Investment Committee.  "We also expect to enhance weak market gains, keep pace with high single-digit market gains, and participate (albeit at reduced levels) in double-digit market gains."

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