The Mendez Foundation Launches New, Revised Edition of its Highly Acclaimed Social-Emotional Learning Program for High School Students

Evidence-based Too Good for Drugs engages students and develops the critical life skills for drug-free living, school success, and career readiness

Feb 02, 2016, 08:42 ET from The C.E. Mendez Foundation

ATLANTA, Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The C.E. Mendez Foundation, a leader in comprehensive social-emotional learning (SEL) in substance abuse and violence prevention education, during the 26th Annual CADCA Conference, announced an updated version of its Too Good for Drugs curriculum for high school students. The highly acclaimed, evidence-based program is proven to help educators engage students grades 9-12 in building core social-emotional competencies that foster self and social awareness. Through the programs, students learn the negative effects of substance abuse, apply strategies for peer-pressure refusal, and explore the impact of influence and peer bonding on decisions.

Students today face a complex world filled with challenges related to truancy, alcohol and drug use, bullying, and violence. At the same time, many schools underemphasize the importance of cultivating the skills students need to overcome these challenges. Recent research by CASEL shows that 95 percent of teachers believe social and emotional skills are teachable and that SEL programs are frequently associated with positive student outcomes such as an increase in pro-social behaviors and improved academic performance.

Too Good for Drugs is proven to be effective in developing the skills students need to refuse peer pressure and influence. The revised program features an enhanced delivery model with new, interactive games and activities that promote social and academic success. The course has also been expanded to address current trends and temptations facing students, including nicotine delivery products such as vaporizers.

"Adolescents face a multitude of challenges that require them to make increasingly complex decisions, but are rarely equipped with the skills to navigate those challenges with confidence," said Charles Mendez, President of the C.E. Mendez Foundation. "Strong social-emotional skills guide adolescents through carefully considering the consequences of their decisions and making smart choices that are consistent with their short- and long-term goals."

Too Good for Drugs is available to pre-order today. To learn more about the program and sign up for updates, visit

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Doing good work for the health and well-being of our children is nothing new for the Mendez Foundation. For more than thirty-five years, we've been developing and implementing unparalleled prevention education programs K-12 to develop the social-emotional skills children need to resist problem behaviors such as substance abuse and violence. Our evidence-based, skill-building programs make a positive impact on the lives of students, teachers, parents, and community leaders nationwide.

As prevention educators, we have a professional commitment to the careful development, rigorous testing, and on-going refinement of our programs. As an organization, we have a time honored commitment to fostering the healthy development of individuals, schools, families, and communities in leading healthy, happy lives. It's our purpose and our passion.

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