The Mortgage Loan Boy, Following the Steps of the Million Dollar Home Page

A Spanish software engineer develops a curious website to pay his mortgage loan and denounce the precarious situation of the housing in Spain.

Mar 21, 2011, 16:16 ET from The Mortgage Loan Boy

BILBAO, Spain, March 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- This website ( aims to create a competition between the companies of the world, bidding to put a banner ad on this site. The cost of the banners will be incremental, increasing in euro 1 for each banner that is purchased on the website. Thus, the first banner will cost euro 1, the second euro 2, the third euro 3 and so on.

The banner ads will be shown using geo-positional products so they would be seen exactly positioned in their region of origin. This makes the ad available for all the potential customers of the same region and country of the company.

The idea is really simple; companies can hire one or more ads in the first-order administrative units belonging to their country of origin. In each unit can only be a banner associated, so that the speed with which the companies engage the banner will be crucial to the success of recruitment advertising. The denouncing of the housing situation in Spain and the curious way to show all the banner ads all around the world makes this website a unique place to hire a banner and to visit.

Tired of paying his mortgage loan, the software engineer created this site with the intention of trying to raise funds to pay his mortgage loan and to denounce the precarious situation of the housing in Spain.

This kind of website remembers the success of other great website,, which was created in 2005 by Alex Tew, who made more than a million dollars by selling pixels. ( allows you to hire banners in a very curious way, accepts PayPal Payment, and 5% of the profits will be donated to UNICEF to their education campaigns in the Third World.

About The Mortgage Loan Boy: "It proves that anyone, any idea, any project, as simple as they are, can succeed if they invest the required illusion and time," says Fran Casado, "By hiring an ad in my website you can obtain a piece of internet history and of course the personal satisfaction of helping me to pay my mortgage loan."

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