The Most Beloved of Sewing Supplies: Dress Forms

You spoke; listened. All types of dress forms available for all types of wearers

Jul 02, 2012, 14:44 ET from Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Many customer demands in the world of sewing supplies don't ebb and flow, such as the need for presser feet or bobbins, but some retailers report increased demand for dress forms. Shifts in the type of Americans who sew might be the explanation.

The most wonderful people get into the sewing game. The American ideal of a seamstress with bent hands doesn't make the trade seem glamorous by any conventional standard. However, for tailors, quilters and sewing hobbyists who got into the sewing business full-time, facilitating the glamor of others held some unknown pull. Thanks to these folks, the rest of us are dressed and looking great right now. One possible explanation is the attraction sewing enthusiasts feel to the human forms that make up an essential part of their craft.

"I sewed clothes for dolls when I was younger," says a customer at Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies, the downtown Los Angeles sewing supplies retailer partnered with "Dress forms are like grown up versions of the same thing." It's a partial explanation, but it doesn't begin to explain the tape measures and scrutinizing gazes of the customers who carry the forms out of the store. By no means are they thinking about tucking these dress forms into bed, or having tea parties.

Another explanation comes from the owner of an antiques store. "I could buy a newer mannequin for displaying antique clothing, but these are just so much more visually appealing." Indeed, there seems to be a growing trend among the design conscious away from mannequins in some cases and toward the classic style of dress forms like the ones at

But these are more than display tools, and the antique store owner is aware that the fashion designers and other sewing professionals around her have serious demands to make of their forms. One customer is there to buy male forms; another needs a maternity dress form of a particular size. Still other designers are looking for full figured dress forms for their specialized businesses. The variety at accommodates all of these needs handily.

David Akhamzadeh, owner of Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies and, has noticed the growing demand for dress forms and by stocking such a variety, he has become the go-to stop for buying them in Los Angeles, along with all other types of sewing machine parts. Now he has taken steps to become the primary provider of dress forms online. "I like having them here in the back of my store," he says. "They're better company than a fabric cutter."

Check out the dress forms and everything else right now to get's free shipping. For more information, call 1(800)868-4419.

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