The MRSA Epidemic -- A Call To Action

Apr 02, 2013, 08:31 ET from MRSA Survivors Network

CHICAGO, April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- MRSA Survivors Network and fellow advocates continue to raise the alarm concerning the ongoing MRSA epidemic and the real threat of antimicrobial resistance.


MRSA Survivors Network, the Chicago-based nonprofit and a global leader in the fight against MRSA and antimicrobial resistance urgently pleads once again to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to finally acknowledge the public health crisis publicly and take action. It is unclear why these federal agencies continue to ignore the ongoing MRSA epidemic.

"MRSA and antimicrobial resistance needs to be a top political priority worldwide with funding," states Jeanine Thomas, Founder of MRSA Survivors Network and the National Spokesperson.

More Americans die annually from invasive MRSA infections than die of HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's Disease, H1N1 flu, homicides, injuries at work and infant mortality, yet Federal Public Health Agencies fail to acknowledge the extent of the problem, provide prevention and awareness campaign funding or mandate that such evidence-based prevention interventions, such as active detection through surveillance testing and contact isolation (ADI) be implemented in U.S. hospitals. Why do Federal agencies continue to ignore evidence-based proven methods?

U.S. Veteran's Administration hospital system is a shining example of taking action using ADI in their intensive care units, hospital-wide and in their long-term care facilities for years.

The World Health Organization (WHO) must finally acknowledge the MRSA epidemic and set up a worldwide MRSA surveillance and reporting system. Such a system would facilitate the collection of data on MRSA infections and colonization with a public release of such data on a designated website. This would illustrate the true magnitude of the MRSA epidemic and public health crisis worldwide and also facilitate the implementation of active detection and isolation (ADI). We know how many HIV positive and AIDS cases there are in each country and the same type of data is needed for MRSA.

MRSA Survivors Network's alliance partner, MRSA Action UK's Derek Butler states, "In the battle to control bacteria such as MRSA, we should always remember that the only necessity for bacteria to spread and cause patients to die is that we do nothing."

International MRSA Testing Week April 1-7
International MRSA Testing Week April 1-7 is an annual designated awareness campaign to draw critical attention for the need to test high risk patients for MRSA upon admission with continued surveillance and also testing the environment in healthcare facilities.

World MRSA Day- Oct 2- World MRSA Awareness Month- October, Global MRSA and C. diff Summit
The Fifth Annual World MRSA Day Kickoff Event and the Global MRSA & C. diff Summit will be held September 28, 2013 at the Hinsdale Community House in Hinsdale, Illinois from 1:00 -3:00 pm with leading experts on MRSA and C. diff presenting with MRSA survivors sharing their stories. Following the main event the Remembrance Ceremony will be conducted by Reverend Henry Soles, Senior Chaplain for the Chicago Bulls basketball team and bagpiper Edward Cargill of the Chicago Highlanders. The event will conclude with a balloon release. The event is open to the public with free admission and parking.

Sponsors: Pfizer and media sponsor NBC5 Chicago.

Other events and programs will be held in other U.S. cities, the U.K. and other countries throughout the month of October.

MRSA Survivors Network  was the first patient advocacy organization in the United States to raise the alarm concerning MRSA and healthcare-acquired infections (HAI's) and operates the only MRSA Crisis Hotline (630 325-4354). A U.S. Senate resolution (s.r.301) designating World MRSA Day and World MRSA Awareness Month passed in 2009.

For information on how you can become a corporate sponsor for World MRSA Day, information on our awareness campaigns and programs, year-round fundraising, donate, volunteer or get involved, contact us at: 630 325-4354, ,email: and like us at –

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