The National Republican Trust PAC: Explosive Video on Obama Could Be Next 'Swiftboat' Movement

Oct 28, 2010, 07:00 ET from National Republican Trust PAC

Startling "Breaking Point" trailer shows country in crisis due to Obama policies

WASHINGTON, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- An explosive new short film could be just what is needed to push Conservatives further into power if enough voters view the video before Election Day.

From the producers of the infamous Jeremiah Wright ad of the 2008 campaign comes "Breaking Point," a 28-minute film that lays open the political crisis the nation now faces.

Breaking Point, created by National Investigative Media and sponsored  by The National Republican Trust PAC, America's third-largest political action committee, is now being aired on TV nationally, as well is in 15 key states, and in targeted congressional districts around the country.

Compelling trailers posted here: , and the entire documentary is located at the websites and

The film is being billed as "25 minutes that will change America."  It continues the influential role The National Republican Trust PAC has played in American Politics over just the past two years, having spent more than $14 Million to elect conservative candidates nationwide since 2008.

"This short documentary – airing in key districts and states such as Alaska and Delaware – is nationalizing the election and helping the American people connect the dots in anticipation of Nov. 2," said Scott Wheeler, a former investigative journalist, television producer/reporter and executive director of The National Republican Trust PAC.

Narrated by nationally known author, Bishop E.W. Jackson, the video features a startlingly diverse array of details alleging corruption, cronyism, and anti-American views that have been discovered since the start of the Obama administration, including:

  • The influence of billionaire George Soros, who funded Obama's original campaign and was rewarded with a sweetheart deal on IndyMac bank, which reaped billions of taxpayer dollars from TARP
  • The close connection between Obama and radical elements of Islam
  • The extreme fringe left views among Obama's appointed czars which include John Holdren, a science czar who has advocated that "trees should be allowed to sue in court" and the population should be held in check with "forced abortions and sterilization."

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