The New Adtech: Redesigned, Reorganized, and Refocused

Dec 09, 2010, 16:59 ET from Adtech

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Dec. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Since its inception in 1999, Adtech's philosophy has been focused on being opportunistic and flexible.  Adtech's attitude continues with the launch of a new corporate image and streamlined organizational structure – all to further enhance Adtech's customer experience – hailed as "The Adtech Experience."

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Adtech, a global provider of computer technology solutions and services, launched the new company structure and branding in August 2010. The new company structure focuses on broadening their offerings of new services, innovative technology and revitalizing international sales efforts.  Adtech chose to establish individual divisions to leverage its core competencies and fuel growth opportunities.

Central to the detailed plan was not only showcasing Adtech's expertise but, more importantly, providing customers with an exceptional experience.  While the most visible aspects are a renovated facility and new logo, the driving factor was ensuring that customers (new and existing) receive extraordinary customer service, in every interaction, at any location. Every detail was explored – from emphasizing customer areas in the facility, to highlighting Adtech core competencies during facility tours, to ensuring customer loyalty and progress through quarterly business reviews.

The idea for a new organizational structure started when Adtech purchased certain assets of Steelbox Networks in 2009 and Telindus Surveillance Solutions (TSS) in 2010. It was clear that Adtech was expanding it's footprint in niche markets that complemented its core competency in technology solutions and services. The acquisitions also allowed for market growth and broader technology exposure. To support the opportunities afforded by these acquisitions, it was agreed that a separate identity was needed while still needing the support of Adtech's original structure.

In March of 2010, Adtech elected to establish a separate division called Adtech Network Media focused on video technology innovation and product development. It soon became apparent that re-structuring the company in equally focused divisions would provide a stronger growth path, allowing each division to concentrate on their respective core competencies. To make the division names correspond to the legacy name Adtech, each division was given a division name to communicate its specific skill set. The result is an Adtech family that supports each division's individuality.

The legacy company focused on offering "computer technology services" has become Adtech Services.  Little will change within this division with the exception of increase volume as the other divisions leverage Adtech Services to support their customers. Supporting this philosophy is a new tagline entitled "Your Needs, Our Services," which provides a customized approach to technology services.  After a detailed discussion with the Customer, Adtech will design, fulfill and support a customer's embedded computer platform requirements.  It is this holistic approach that sets Adtech apart from its competition.

Over the years, Adtech has also become an expert in selling, implementing and supporting solutions for the telephony market. To diversify and continue to leverage their strength in this area, this division will assume the name Adtech Solutions. This group will continue to support the telephony market, but looks to evolve in new markets such as surveillance solutions, working with its sister division, Network Media.

International business also presents a unique opportunity.  Each region and/or country is different in technology advancement, business growth, business methodology, and customer service expectations. The Adtech International division will focus on prospects outside of the America's market with an emphasis on growing managed services offerings.  With remote offices already established in Sydney, Hong Kong, and Munich, the London office will continue to manage and develop these other regions.  

All of these divisions will exist under a parent entity simply called Adtech. This will allow room for individual growth and promotion, while still maintaining a cohesive Adtech brand and internal support structure. Adtech is an ever-evolving technology and services company focused on leveraging unique opportunities in niche markets.  As the parent company, Adtech will provide standard business management and support services (i.e., Finance, HR, Marketing, IT, and Quality) to all Adtech divisions.