The New Generation of Soda Drinkers Have Spoken... 'We Want That Purple Stuff!'

Jun 09, 2010, 16:50 ET from Funktional Beverages, Inc.

TOMBALL, Texas, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Key business indicators online for Purple Stuff clearly show that Purple Stuff is the most desired brand by consumers in both the relaxation and cognitive performance categories of beverages.

Purple Stuff consumers on Facebook and the quantity of fans is not the story, but a deeper look at the quality of the conversations on topics ranging from Purple Stuff jokes, its great taste, to its videos, calming effects, and a thousand other topics that all end with… "I love, I want, I got, I am going to go get some Purple Stuff!" That is the story our marketing metrics tell us about this brand.

The data below shows Purple Stuff has set new benchmarks for a drink to be the cool topic of conversation.  No pushing ads here, this is viral. The youth own this brand and they let you know what they think.



Tim Lucas CMO of Funktional Beverages the makers of Purple Stuff, says, "The consumer profile for Purple Stuff shows the majority are in the 13-25 age group with 51% being females. The brand successfully crosses all social/economic category barriers.

This brand has true fans because it is so creative, yet so simple that it fuels imagination with its authenticity. Purple Stuff fans know they have defined several categories with this brand in every culture and region it is found."

CEO Darrell Duchesneau says, "The dietary change from a high sugar/high caffeine soda to a healthy vitamin soda itself transforms the academic lives of many students. The kicker is the other nutrients that makes them feel good fast."

Parents say it is the perfect solution for their children that get too much sugar, calories and caffeine from sodas that contain no nutrients.

Tim Lucas asked one mother who posted her love for the brand on the Purple Stuff Facebook fan page why she buys this brand and she replied, "We all know that prohibition did not work. Telling your kid not to drink sodas is a waste of your time and it aggravates the child. Give them the healthy alternative Purple Stuff and they thank you for the change!" - Houston, TX mother of 6

Purple Stuff is so popular with fans that we decided to compare it in other drink categories of well-distributed and known brands.

The data below shows what we discovered:



Darrell Duchesneau commented, "Purple Stuff fans think this soda is the coolest beverage they have seen. We have a product that has gone viral and may be the new soda of this generation.  At least that is what 35,000 fans say, which for a product that has less than 1% retail shelf space shows what a large base of true fanatics we have. It is the equivalent of having every member of the U.S. Coast Guard as a fan."

Tim Lucas concludes with, "These Purple Stuff fans are the peer influencers and they sell it to others by word of mouth and online social media postings. Purple Stuff identifies with its core demographic fan base in being everything youth wants in a drink without having to follow the trends of older generations. This is today's drink for today's youth. Healthy, fun, great tasting and the rest is whatever each person makes it.

You can't make somebody love your brand; they have to fall in love with your brand. This product has that WOW factor… it is just an idea whose time has come."

Purple Stuff is currently available in select Quik Trip's, Quick Chek's, 7-Eleven, Wal-Mart, Harmons, Smiths Stores, and Daily's. Purple Stuff is distributed by various DSD networks and select McLane Company warehouses.

Funktional Beverages, Inc. is a manufacturer and designer of cold fill / hot fill beverages and nutritional supplements. Brand name Lines include Superliminal Purple Stuff and Supraliminal Labs Red Stuff. The company also does private label bottling.



SOURCE Funktional Beverages, Inc.