The R. M. Santilli Foundation Announces Experimental Confirmation That The Universe Is Not Expanding

Nearly Three Decades of Research Explored in Documentary, Planned International Workshop

Jun 10, 2013, 08:00 ET from R.M. Santilli Foundation

PALM HARBOR, Fla., June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently published independent experimental measurements conducted in the U.S. and Europe have confirmed scientist Ruggero M. Santilli's "IsoRedShift of Sunlight at Sunset and Sunrise" research dismissing  the conjecture of the expansion of the universe.

The R.M. Santilli Foundation announced the findings of the research in what was described as "avoiding a return to a Middle Ages belief that Earth is at the center of the universe."

Santilli first noted the discovery in mathematical, theoretical and experimental publications initiated in 1978 as a Harvard University research program supported by the U.S. Department of Energy. New measurements conducted by Santilli confirm that, in the transition from the Zenith to the horizon, Sunlight experiences a shift of 100 nm toward the red for all frequencies without any appreciable relative motion between the Sun, the atmosphere and the observer. This confirms that light loses energy to cold media, thus experiencing a decrease of its frequency according to a new mechanism shown to be independent from scattering or absorption.

The discovery is built on preceding astrophysical measurements to achieve the approximate law according to which the cosmological redshift of galactic light is proportional to the distance of galaxies in "all" radial directions from Earth, and the redshift essentially occurs for "all" frequencies of galactic light.

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"Hubble, Fritz, de Broglie and other famous scientists died without accepting the expansion of the universe because it implies a return to the Middle Ages with Earth necessarily at the center of the universe," Santilli said, "Because of the acceleration of the expansion radially from Earth. Irrespective of that, conjectures connected to the expansion of the universe are afflicted by rather serious insufficiencies or inconsistencies identified in details in the refereed literature."

Santilli initiated the study behind this announcement while at MIT (1974-1977) and then at the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University (1977- 1981) with the construction of new mathematics known as Santilli isomathematics. This discovery and the mathematics will be explored in a forthcoming 2013 Workshop  September 23, 2013 in Greece at the Rhodes Palace Hotel. A one-hour documentary on the content of this announcement can be viewed by clicking this link: A new Renaissance in Cosmology 

Over two decades, Santilli has proposed to most physical laboratories around the world the verification of isotopic laws via the measurement of the expected redshifts of sunlight from the Zenith to the horizon as sunlight becomes red at the horizon. In 2010, Santilli built the IsoShift Testing Station in which he established for the first time that a blue laser light propagating in a 60 feet long tube experiences an IRS of about 1/2 nm in the transition from vacuum to 1,000 psi when traveling in air at less than 80 degrees F Independent measurements done in the same station confirmed the existence for the same blue laser light of the IRS for air at less than 80 degrees F as well as the IBS for air at more than 120 degrees F.

Following the experimental confirmation of isolaw for individual light frequencies, Santilli achieved in 2011 the first known systematic measurements establishing that in the transition from Zenith to the horizon, the entire spectrum of Sunlight experiences an IRS of about 100 nm.

"Albert Einstein is one of the most exploited scientists in history because his theories have been extended from motion in vacuum, where they received majestic experimental confirmations, to motion within physical media, where they cannot be properly formulated, let alone experimentally verified, because of lack of inertial reference frames, inability to confirm the constancy of the speed of light, and other known reasons," Santilli said. "By contrast, the way I honor Albert Einstein is by preserving his axioms and introducing broader realizations valid within physical media that are permitted by the novel IsoMathematics."

These measurements have recently received systematic, independent experimental confirmations via the test of both sunset and sunrise in the U.S. and Europe to confirm the IRS of about 100 nm of Sunlight in the transition from the Zenith to the horizon - establishing the lack of expansion of the universe. According to Santilli's studies, energy is then re-emitted by intergalactic media as the background radiation that, in the event originating at the time of the "big bang," it should have been absorbed by the universe billions of years ago.

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