The Radiance of Milanoo

Aug 07, 2013, 09:00 ET from

CHENGDU, China, Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As a result of Milanoo's persistence in international trade, the past five years has witnessed its development from a weak and inexperienced company to a stronger one that gradually showed its competitive edge. Milanoo has been exerting its utmost efforts to provide its clients with the best services and the most unique clothing for the past five years. With all the efforts being made, it has proven that it is on the way to realizing its ambitions.

The past five years have been extraordinary. Time helped to reveal Milanoo's distinctive features: compatibility, its fashionable nature, and uniqueness. We possess a welcoming attitude towards all our clients as we fully respect cultural differences and provide clothing to people from all circles. We keep in step with fashion trends with great enthusiasm so that we may play a leading role in fashion in the future. We offer custom-made services to our clients so that they can have their own unique clothes. We also provide a wide range of choices for different occasions. The upcoming vertical website, which is another masterpiece exhibiting Milanoo's innovative spirit and our understanding of market trends, is dedicated to giving our customers a brand new shopping experience.

Milanoo owes its development of its distinctive features to clear positioning. As a global B2C themed clothing shopping mall, it is committed to providing various styles of clothing with an aim of "dressing differently." By providing custom-made services, market segmentation, and a vertical website, it is the hope of Milanoo to offer our customers, in different market segments and from all countries, tailored products and services. The slogan "To Be Different" is also going to be an everlasting impetus of Milanoo on its way to progress.

As an equity joint venture, Milanoo controls, a website that provides custom made clothing. It has decided to embrace fashionable elegance and personality as its clothing style. Its slogan is passion for fashion. Milanoo intends to build an online platform for sales and communication of costumes, Cosplay, and Lolita wear in the near future, providing dream items for ACG fans in a fun environment.

Milanoo will continue to improve its brand, its custom-made products, and refine its services in market segments over the next five years and beyond.