The Red Flag Group Partners with Compliance Mentor(TM), Which Provides Low-Cost Compliance Solutions Especially Designed for Small-to-medium Companies

Jul 20, 2015, 12:00 ET from The Red Flag Group

PHOENIX, July 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Global integrity and compliance firm The Red Flag Group today announced its partnership with the low-cost solution provider Compliance Mentor™ to build, improve, leverage and certify third parties' compliance programmes.

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Unethical business dealings are a major concern for multinational corporations around the world, and there are increasing expectations for third parties to have compliance programmes in place. However, small companies -- especially those in emerging markets -- may not understand compliance, let alone have compliance programmes or codes of conduct.

Compliance Mentor™ is the solutions provider for third parties' compliance programmes. By offering simple and easily-implemented solutions at affordable prices, Compliance Mentor™ makes compliance management an easy affair for small-to-medium companies, no matter where they are located.

Leveraging experience and resources from The Red Flag Group, Compliance Mentor™ has designed low-cost solutions for small-to-medium companies to show their existing and potential clients that they are committed to ethical business practices and have solid management of compliance risks and business integrity. This results in reduced compliance and integrity risks for small-to-medium companies and their clients.

Compliance Mentor™ will help small-to-medium companies make compliance a competitive advantage, enhancing their reputation for ethical business dealings and standing out from competitors who do not place importance on compliance.

Scott Lane, Chief Executive Officer of Compliance Mentor, Inc., remarked, "Compliance Mentor™ targets small-to-medium companies -- a very large segment of the market that is often overlooked when it comes to those requiring help in managing compliance risks."

Chief Executive Officer of The Red Flag Group David Youngson said, "Compliance Mentor™ is invaluable for helping our clients and other multinational companies relieve some of the financial burden associated with managing their third parties. Using our experience and expertise in this field, The Red Flag Group is confident that this partnership can improve how small and medium enterprises manage their integrity and compliance."

The key solutions that Compliance Mentor™ offers are:

  • Compliance Kits™
    Compliance Kits™ are designed to enable small-to-medium companies with limited or no compliance programmes to quickly implement compliance programmes in certain key areas, without significant review or modification. Each Compliance Kit™ provides step-by-step guidance on how to get started on some of the simple but important areas of a compliance programme.
  • CCO Connect™
    CCO Connent™ is a virtual CCO solution that is designed to help maintain and manage compliance programmes for companies with limited resources, as well as deal with complex compliance challenges. CCO Connect™ uses industry best practices and proven compliance standards to solve operational compliance issues for clients.
  • IntegraSeal™
    The IntegraSeal® | Integrity & Compliance Certification is a certification that indicates that a company has effectively demonstrated its commitment to integrity and to conducting business in accordance with global compliance standards. The IntegraSeal® -- for key areas of compliance -- is only given after an intense review and investigation into the company. Areas reviewed include the effectiveness of the company's compliance programme and the commitment to ethical business dealings by senior management.

Visit now, and make compliance competitive advantage.

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