The Resource Party Attorney General Candidate David Hoch is Still Waiting for Documents Requested From Attorney General Lori Swanson on August 17, 2010.

Attorney General Candidate Hoch Claims State of Minnesota Broke The Law When it Okayed Tribal Gaming Casinos - Which Has Helped Create Billions of Dollars of Budget Deficits for the People of Minnesota

Oct 12, 2010, 11:31 ET from The Resource Party

HOPKINS, Minn., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 17, 2010 David J. Hoch, The Resource Party candidate for Attorney General in Minnesota, served upon current MN Attorney General Lori Swanson's office a Minnesota Data Practices Act request for all documents involving the MN Attorney General's Office and relating to MN Statute 3.9221.

Candidate Hoch claims the state of Minnesota violated MN Statute 3.9221 when it negotiated the existing TRIBAL STATE COMPACTS FOR THE REGULATION OF CLASS III GAMING IN MINNESOTA.

Hoch quotes from the state of Minnesota's very own website the following:

Minnesota was the first state to enter into negotiations with Native American governments following the passage of IGRA. Minnesota is also home to the beginning of The American Indian Movement in the 1960s which is responsible for the historical revisionism of the Indian Treaty era which ended in the 1880s and was permanently ended by Congress with the passage of the Indian Claims Commission Act of 1946. The 1989 Minnesota Legislature instructed Governor Perpich to appoint a three member negotiating team (consisting of Senator Ron Dicklich, Rep. Becky Kelso and Department of Revenue attorney Dorothy McClung).

This was in direct violation of MN Statute 3.9221. Further, former Governor Perpich then executed (signed) these compacts into law, without securing the Legislative authority to do so. In fact, no Minnesota Governor has ever been granted the Legislative Authority to execute any Gaming Compact. This is a shocking unconstitutional abuse of power, and the most dramatic violation of the law in the state of Minnesota's history.

The compact makes Minnesota the only state which receives no revenue from any Tribal casinos and which has no off-reservation casino gaming competition. The compact signed also had no sunset provision or re-negotiation clause. This compact was clearly negotiated illegally because no "meeting of the minds" representing the citizens of Minnesota ever took place. Who would have ever signed such an economically destructive document?

Hoch continues, "The economic and social ramifications from this fraudulent gambling compact have been enormous. First of all, it is common knowledge that organized crime families are deeply involved. Stephen Pizzo wrote about it in a January 10th, 2007 AlterNet article entitled "Indian Gaming: More Corrupt Than Ever." The article explains how it wasn't the Cabazon Indians in charge of their casino, after winning a case at the United States Supreme Court, but rather a group of Los Angeles based Mafioso. The same story is unfolding here in Minnesota recently as news reports last weekend mentioned that Las Vegas interests, tied to Minnesota Tribal Casino operations, are being mentioned as possible targets for "claw back" profits made in the $3.2 billion Petters Ponzi scheme."

In a related story, the Minnesota Voters Alliance last week filed a complaint against The League of Women Voters with the Internal Revenue Service. The MVA cites in its complaints that the League constantly repeats its mantra of being "nonpartisan" in order to maintain its 501 C3 tax exempt status, while it is actually, however, a political advocacy group that is one-sided in its political views, aligning strongly with Democratic Party positions on taxes, healthcare, immigration and abortion.

Candidate Hoch had asked The League of Women Voters to be invited to participate in their Attorney General Candidate debate on Saturday, October 16. The League cited he was not eligible because he had not qualified as a winner of a primary election. Hoch and others disagree, citing that the State of Minnesota recognizes Hoch's getting 3,100 signatures on his petition drive to be on the ballot the same as a primary victory.

Attorney General Candidate Hoch's credentials include fourteen active years of unpaid scrutiny of elected officials of Minnesota. He has worked across party lines to help forge legislation and to expose corruption within Minnesota's government. He co-founded Citizens United for Baseball in Minnesota, and later Minnesotans for Responsible Government.

Hoch is a lifelong Minnesotan and a 1983 graduate of the University of Minnesota. He is professionally employed as a Construction Renovation Manager.

Candidate Hoch was a longtime Republican, but left the Party because it lacks a spine.

SOURCE The Resource Party