The Reverse Take Over (RTO) Field of Dreams

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SKIPPACK, Pa., March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- would like to invite investors to read the following column on  Here are a few excerpts from the article:

We have been adamant that in order for the ChinaHybrid space to flourish, companies need to abandon silly capital raises at asinine P/E multiples.  Instead, during  2010 and into 2011 many ChinaHybrids have scurried to the deal flow ticket window to take a ride on the dilution train that left the station in 2009 – even companies like Telestone Technologies (Nasdaq: TSTC) and Zst Digital Networks that had clearly hinted they wouldn't.

We get the sense that many Chinese RTOs want to attempt to raise funds before the completion of year end audits, private due diligence investigations and SEC probe activities that could potentially expose less than savory company behavior.  ShengdaTech is a case in point.  On December 9, 2010 the company announced a convertible note offering, despite the fact that it allegedly has $120 million in the bank.  Well just yesterday, the company issued a press release announcing that it had appointed a special committee of the Board of Directors to investigate potentially serious discrepancies and unexplained issues relating to the Company and its subsidiaries' financial records identified by the Company's auditors.  The stock has been halted.

China Integrated Energy tapped the equity market as it headed into 2011, despite a "healthy" cash balance.  Sinohub (NYSE Amex: SIHI) just jumped on the dilution train this morning.  The SEC needs to define a new set of rules that govern the Chinese RTO capital raise process.

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