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No need to get so stressed out about the size. At King of Jewelry, finding the perfect size for your diamond is as certain as finding great quality

Jun 22, 2012, 13:59 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, June 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Preparing to propose is a bit like preparing for the wedding itself. It needs to be the right time and place. The couple needs to be in the perfect frame of mind. Some people want privacy, while others prefer something a little more public. At the center of it all is a ring that had better be breathtaking.

Two months' salary is the guideline for price, or so says the conventional wisdom. But recently that conventional wisdom has been tabled in favor of a mantra that's growing in popularity: "Go with your gut." More specifically, let the helpful and friendly staff of a retailer like King of Jewelry guide you to the ring that will look perfect on her finger for the engagement, and perfect on the ring bearer's pillow for the wedding (and then also on her finger).

That means letting a professional inform you about prices and styles in diamond wedding rings, which doesn't require you to surrender your purchasing power to someone with a vested interest. At King of Jewelry in downtown Los Angeles, you'll be buying from a sales team with a record for customer satisfaction that can't be paralleled in the diamond business. That's not just talk; Check out the reviews on some of their online profiles to read about customers who love their rings, and love their ring-buying experiences just as much.

One of many five star reviews is from a male customer, who reports that his fiancee gets compliments everywhere she goes, and that her ring was appraised at an incredible 3 times(!) the price he paid. Stories like this are more common than you might think at King of Jewelry, where strategic, high-volume purchasing on the part of the dealer allows the customer to pay wholesale prices for their diamond engagement rings.

For 22 years, King of Jewelry has been steadily building a solid reputation for uniquely low prices, and equally stellar customer experiences. Their unique business model is ideal for customers who already have a setting in mind, and just want to find the perfect diamond, or set of diamonds. They carry every major style from Round and Princess Cuts, to more specialized Emerald and Asscher. The newest, cutting edge styles are always changing, but you can rely on King of Jewelry to keep them in stock, at prices that are often nearly half the usual retail price.

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