The Rings at King of Jewelry are Perfect for Couples Looking to Symbolize a Lifetime of Love

With the exquisite collection of gem stones at King of Jewelry, those inspired to propose to their true love will have the perfect symbol of their commitment

May 10, 2013, 15:31 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Spring is known as wedding season, but this romantic season is also the perfect time to propose a lifelong commitment to your special someone in your life. For many, watching the bride and groom profess their love and dedication to each other will evoke a few joyful tears, but it may also inspire some to consider taking the next step with the love in their own lives. Fortunately, with the incredible selection of ornate diamond engagement rings in the renowned collection at King of Jewelry, there is no reason not to celebrate a connection with your significant other that will stand the test of time.

There are many breathtaking diamond options at King of Jewelry including their popular princess, round, radiant and even heart shape cut diamonds, among many others. However, their asscher cut diamonds are often instantly recognizable by connoisseurs of natural beauty. The cut features four cropped corners, giving the gem a clear, unmistakable art-deco look that enchants those individuals with a taste for elegant style. At King of Jewelry, the precise design of their asscher cut engagement rings allows for a greater depth of the diamond to be seen, providing optimal sparkle for the recipient of this truly timeless piece of art.

For about two decades, King of Jewelry has offered diamond jewelry with unmistakable beauty and top quality design. However, the King has also made a name for himself by bestowing upon his customers the first-rate customer service one hopes for when purchasing a piece of jewelry that will have lasting significance for the owner. That's why every item offered at King of Jewelry comes with free shipping, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and even a lifetime upgrade policy – the King offers a full credit on every jewelry purchase towards the purchase of any other piece of greater value. For the newly engaged, that means a lifetime full of breathtaking gems.

Many happy couples will be celebrating their love this spring with wedding rings from King of Jewelry. However, the joy of love doesn't have to stop with the bride and groom. Whether you're proposing a lifetime of commitment to your significant other, commemorating the blissful years you've spent as a couple, or even treating yourself to a remarkable gem, you'll find all of your jewelry needs met by the King of Jewelry. For further information about the terrific quality, value, and service available from the King of Jewelry, contact a customer service representative today at 888-349-8299. You should also check out the King's top-notch selection on his web site at

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