The Rise of Niche Online Dating

Apr 26, 2013, 08:56 ET from Dating Factory

LONDON, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Online dating has been referred to as Britain's 'boom industry.' Every year, approximately nine million Britons log on to online dating agencies, hopeful to find a like-minded individual looking for long-term commitments or simply to go out with and have some fun. According to data conducted by Metaflake, a company that reviews online dating agencies, two-thirds of Britons now use mainstream dating agencies, and the country has the highest internet dating turnover in Europe. What's more, a report in the Daily Mail states, in 2011 online dating businesses contributed more than £170 million to the British economy. Given the prolific rise in online dating, both in the UK and beyond, thousands of people are successfully finding love online, with internet dating agencies such as consistently attracting new members, all keen to take advantage of the opportunities the geographically 'boundary-free' world of dating has to offer.

Alongside the prolific rise in online dating, a more specialised segment of dating is emerging that caters for daters either from a particular niche market or looking for a partner of a more specialising segment of society.

For example, online 'cougar dating' is becoming more prevalent, whereby older women can search through a comprehensive database of younger men in order to find the young hunk of their dreams. Of course online cougar dating works both ways and can be equally as beneficial for men seeking the love and attention of an older woman.

'Uniform dating' is another segment of the online dating that seems to be growing in popularity. As its name suggests, uniform dating is aimed at the personnel of uniformed services, such as the police, fire-fighters, armed forces and nurses, looking for love. Historically, a 'man in uniform,' or even a 'woman in uniform' for that matter, has sent women and men into palpitations of desire and therefore news that this niche of online dating is successfully flourishing is not exactly a surprise. In fact so popular has this particular component of online dating become that according to the BBC, last year a mainstream internet dating agency bought a niche uniform dating site for as much as £7 million.

In attracting new members literally every day, is definitely one online dating site that is testament to the burgeoning success and growth of singletons looking for love, fun and companionship and using the internet as a means to do so. is part of Dating Factory, the world's biggest online dating network, which has millions of users from all around the world. Thousands of people have been successfully matched and have found love through the opportunities that has to offer.  

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