The Road to Secure Data on Mobile Devices

Mar 19, 2013, 09:00 ET from PerSysTek, LLC

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Rick Wielopolski, President of PerSysTek, LLC, is extremely passionate about the security of information on mobile devices, especially when it comes to carrying medical, financial, and other personal electronic records on a smartphone or tablet. After experiencing the lack of security of these records on his phone, he made it his personal goal to develop a unique method for providing total safety of all important electronic records, regardless of the type of file, while maintaining portability and immediate accessibility.

In 2012, Rick embarked on a personal journey to ensure that anyone with a mobile device could feel secure about storing private and sensitive information on their phones or tablets. He believes it doesn't matter if you're storing lab results, x-rays, insurance information, bank account details, or passwords. This information must be kept private to protect a person's data and identity and perhaps even save a life, or a life savings.

After going down the path of creating a physical device prototype to store Personal Health Records (PHRs), Rick realized that the better solution would be to create a software based, platform independent solution.  To achieve this, Rick enlisted the services of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company Open Systems Technologies (OST).  "They were a perfect fit," stated Wielopolski, "because of their background in hardware, software, and system development. They were able to field an entire team with varying skill sets to complete the product solution."

It was only a matter of months from the time that Rick started working with OST until the launch of the first version of the application, the RecordVault™, which is now available for all Android devices.  "Starting with Android was the best choice, since there are more Android devices than any other mobile device on the market. Also, for the first time ever, Android devices were hacked more than PCs last quarter," states Wielopolski. "It just made sense!"

Once the application was nearing completion, Rick reached out to ManoByte, a social media marketing agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to help launch and promote the application. Within weeks, ManoByte was able to "get the ball rolling," as Rick puts it. The initial launch garnered the attention of many well-known media outlets, such Crain's Detroit Business, Android Headlines, and Reuters. During the start of their social media campaign, this launch generated over 200,000 impressions, gaining visibility by many leaders within the Android social community.

Rick and his team are at it again! More free features have been completed at OST and RecordVault R1.2 was released on March 13, 2013.  What's next? Rick is committed to the release of the RecordVault™ for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) as quickly as possible.

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Rick Wielopolski
President of PerSysTek, LLC 

PerSysTek: Rick Wielopolski is the founder of PerSysTek, LLC, and creator of RecordVault, a patent pending, state of the art mobile application that securely stores health, financial, personal electronic records and files with a unique software key and military grade encryption to protect your sensitive data.

OST OST (Open Systems Technologies) is an $80 million company with offices in Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, Minneapolis and London, England. OST has been focused on providing IT infrastructure services and products for over fifteen years; in addition OST offers security services, custom application development services, managed services, and business process services. Since 2003, the company has grown it revenue at a compounded rate of over 30% annually.

ManoByte: ManoByte is one of Michigan's first social media marketing agencies, founded in 2008. ManoByte helps companies create and execute social business strategies that deliver business results.