The Royalty Exchange Offering Innovative Alternative Funding and Investment Opportunities for the Entire Entertainment Industry

Oct 23, 2012, 11:45 ET from The Royalty Exchange


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The current state of the economy and the changing landscape of the entertainment industry have artists, publishers, entertainment companies and record labels looking to create more liquidity not dependent on product sales, as well as investors looking for stable investment options not tied to the fluctuating stock market.  To address this need, 18 months ago The Royalty Exchange on-line royalty auction site launched and became the first alternative investment marketplace to sell percentages of movies, books, television shows, patents, trademarks, pharmaceuticals and music royalties to the general public.  The unmatched success of The Royalty Exchange's secure, transparent and efficient auctions confirms that untapped and unlimited opportunities exist in the royalty arena for both investors and sellers.

GRAMMY® nominated artist, songwriter and producer, Reggie Calloway is a co-founder of The Royalty Exchange. "I am honored to be a part of a company that offers my fellow artists a quick, safe and efficient way to raise funds that does not involve a traditional advance or full liquidation of their assets, copyrights or royalty streams.  My greatest joy comes from satisfied sellers and buyers.  Recently, one of our clients told me he was going to use a portion of his money to make a down payment for a home for his family.  It more than convinced me that we were serving a great need here at The Royalty Exchange."

The Royalty Exchange's groundbreaking approach to royalty revenue differs greatly from the traditional artist advance (against royalties) that can significantly delay any future royalty payments.  When writers, artists, heirs, publishing companies and other royalty owners participate in selling at The Royalty Exchange auctions they can earn an immediate payout higher than the normal advance without sacrificing the sale of their whole catalog.  Most importantly, the writer, artist and/or publisher will always retain copyright ownership.  Because they can sell any percentage of a song, songs or catalog, they will never have to sell their complete catalog just to gain short-term liquidity.  In addition, the owner of the copyright determines the auction price and what percentage of the royalty is for sale.  When investors compete at our online marketplace it provides sellers the best price and buyers with unique alternative investments in a clear and transparent manner. 

"We've uncovered a vast market of buyers and sellers searching for our type of service," according to Wilson Owens, Co-Founder of The Royalty Exchange.  "In just over a year, we have sold the royalty rights to 500+ songs, 9 catalogs and generated nearly $360,000 in auction revenue.  When investors compete at our online marketplace we provide sellers the best price and provide buyers unique alternative investments in a clear and transparent manner.  After selling hits sung by such artists as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Snoop Dogg, Earth, Wind and Fire and Eric Benet, we immediately saw the enormous potential for our model to succeed in multiple industries.  We look forward to realizing that potential."   

Anyone can purchase at The Royalty Exchange auctions.  There is no need for investor accreditation.  The Royalty Exchange provides potential buyers with detailed information about each auction item.  This includes at least a two to three years of royalty history.  Those investors who believe in the value of entertainment and want to support artists and entertainers have the unique opportunity to do so at The Royalty Exchange. 

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