The Russian Republic of Bashkortostan Comes to Austin, Visits GreenWorld Restoration

President Khamitov's advisors discuss sustainable building development

Sep 10, 2013, 17:23 ET from GreenWorld Restoration

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 22, 2013, Assistant of Deputy Prime Minister and Chief of Staff, Radiy R. Minikhanov and Head of Administration for Ufa district area, Davydov Mikhail Vladimirovich visited GreenWorld Restoration's facilities in Austin, TX to discuss a joint effort for instituting more sustainable building development practices in Bashkortostan.  The meeting was sparked by interest in the company's research and development efforts into more sustainable building solutions and materials.   In efforts to rebuild and strengthen infrastructure, the Bashkirs are seeking ways to employ more sustainable building processes in construction that will not only satisfy the need for safe and quality housing but also provide local manufacturing and socio economic stimulus.  

As one of Forbes Russia's top 20 best regions in which to do business, Bashkortostan has made great strides in introducing new technologies and development processes to the region.  The visit to GreenWorld further demonstrates the region's desire to adopt new technologies to improve quality of life through the provision of more resilient housing and local infrastructure.  Minikhanov relayed President Khamitov's interest in collaborating with GreenWorld to establish a sustainable housing development platform via GreenWorld's patent pending local manufacturing solution.  By means of this innovative solution, the Bashkirs would not only gain resilient, environmentally sound housing but a boost to its local economy via the creation of local jobs. 

Michael Torres, GreenWorld's president and CEO, is currently in Bashkortostan discussing project requirements and touring the site in which the proposed project will kick off.  Minikhanov has identified a need for single family housing solutions that are energy efficient and resilient to extreme elements.  Torres is confident that this initial proposed project will mark the beginning of many collaborative ventures within Bashkortostan.  Both teams are eagerly looking forward to working together to bring a more sustainable solution to the people of Bashkortostan. 

Since 2008, GreenWorld Restoration has been researching and developing more sustainable solutions to answer the need for rapid disaster recovery housing.  During their visit, Minikhanov and Vladimirovich were given a tour of the modest factory where GreenWorld's patent pending, culturally sensitive materials are developed.  Torres shared his vision for providing housing solutions that are stronger, more resilient and more environmentally sound.  

GreenWorld Restoration, LLC is a leading provider of sustainable construction materials and community solutions.  The Company's solutions facilitate a win/win/win across environmental, economic and cultural needs.  GreenWorld is a socially conscious company allocating 10-30% of profits to "Pay-it-Back" and "Pay-it-Forward" programs to benefit the communities it serves through its partnership with GreenWorld Restoration Foundation                                   

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