The Sacramento Dentistry Group Discusses the Benefits of Implant Dentures

Many people dread the thought of using dentures if they lose their teeth. Modern implant-mounted dentures eliminate many of the problems and complications that come with ordinary dentures. Easy to use and to install, implant dentures are the best option for most denture patients.

Dec 08, 2015, 03:01 ET from Sacramento Dentistry Group

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The primary complaints for denture wearers are dentures that are loose or ill-fitting. The typical solutions for these complaints involve advice like "eat soft foods" or "use an adhesive." While that may help, the best solution is making a better denture! The Sacramento Dentistry Group presents its clients with the economical option for dentures mounted with implants, such as the reliable system manufactured by 3M.

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Advantages of Implant-Mounted Dentures

The patient realizes significant benefits when they use implanted-mounted dentures. These advantages include:

  • a firm attachment to the jaw via two to four implants,
  • the ability to speak and even sing clearly,
  • the option of eating all your favorite foods — not just the soft kinds,
  • the implants help maintain jawbone density, which prevents aging.

Commonly called "snap-in" dentures, these dentures are modified to easily attach to the implants. They are still removable for cleaning and inspection. Clients may even be able to use their existing dentures. Denture patients of the Sacramento Dentistry Group are extremely pleased with the results from mounting their dentures with implants and our dentists use this system whenever possible.

For more information about implant dentures, contact the Sacramento Dentistry Group at 916-538-6900, visit their website at or stop by their convenient downtown office at 1105 E Street in Sacramento. There is no need to suffer from the typical disadvantages of wearing dentures! Combined with dental implants, dentures are a much more effective solution for replacing missing teeth.

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