The Skinny Cow(TM) Spreads the Love with New Mobile iPhone Game

Jun 10, 2010, 09:00 ET from The Skinny Cow

OAKLAND, Calif., June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Love is all you need to play The Skinny Cow™ Spread the Love mobile game, developed exclusively for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and available now. The Spread the Love mobile game features a courageous dachshund delivering tasty Skinny Cow snacks to her Skinny Cow-loving animal friends. Addictively entertaining, the Spread the Love mobile game might be the only thing worth setting down your ice cream for!

Spread the Love is a sky-climbing adventure in which players maneuver a friendly dog, who feeds her animal friends as she moves upwards among the clouds.  The goal of the game is to evade potential obstacles and collect points (and lots of love) for every tasty treat successfully shared with the dog's friends along the way.  If the player is unable to navigate and deliver new snacks, the balloon will deflate and the player will take a ride back down to the ground and the game starts over.

Spread the Love Mobile Game Details:

  • Climb as high as possible by tilting the iPhone left and right to reach the animal friends looking for tasty Skinny Cow snacks. Tap on the screen when approaching an animal to drop off a snack, and players are rewarded with "love."
  • Love powers the balloon and keeps the dachshund soaring, allowing players to rack up points and deliver snacks to even more friends.
  • While flying, players must maneuver around obstacles such as branches and storm clouds. Branches will shrink the balloon, while storm clouds won't brighten any days; ending the adventure on the spot!
  • Gusts of wind send the dachshund flying high, but could become perilous by dropping players off right in the middle of a storm cloud, which ends the game.
  • Climb high enough and unlock the chance to rack up extra points with some monkey pals in a special bonus stage.
  • Blue skies are nice, but what about purple and green? Change the color of the background with a swipe of the finger to make the next climb even more interesting.

As a special bonus, players that achieve high scores will be rewarded in-game with electronic coupons for Skinny Cow treats!

Spreading the love can definitely work up an appetite, so players can satisfy cravings without compromising their score (or their waistline) by creating a shopping list featuring frozen snacks from The Skinny Cow, which are made with low-fat ice cream. The complete Skinny Cow portfolio includes five luscious flavors of low fat ice cream cups, seven flavors of ice cream sandwiches, three ice cream cones and nine ice cream bars.  

Players are invited to join the Skinny Cow Spread the Love community network, where they can post directly to Twitter or to Facebook and interact with fellow gamers to Spread the Love even further. Players can also post scores to the Skinny Cow high score leader boards and compare their all time high-score with friends.

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