The Sports Network Fantasy Team Reaches New Heights.

Jan 14, 2014, 15:11 ET from The Sports Network

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sports Network, the nation's leading provider of real-time sports content to an array of clients globally has followed up the expansion of its fantasy content offering with a new level of accomplishment within the industry.

"When we were directed by our CEO and President, Mickey Charles, to take our fantasy efforts to what he referred to as 'the next level' and move that facet of our offerings into a leadership role," indicated Steve Schwarz, Fantasy Editor for TSN, "I reached out for the best talent I could find, as is the case with all else we do, and believe we accomplished that.  Mickey is a very persuasive and focused person, intent upon producing the best product possible and his enthusiasm and leadership translates into results by all of us.

"Consequently, due to the effort put forth," he continued, "TSN participated in the 2013 FSWA Awards and that, for those possibly unfamiliar with it, is made up of an independent panel of judges consisting of university journalism instructors that prepared a list of finalists for the 10th annual FSWA Awards. The FSWA will announce the winners at the 2014 FSTA Winter Conference in Las Vegas on January 16th.  Competitively, our own Jesse Pantuosco of The Sports Network is a finalist in three different categories, the most by any one individual."

Mickey Charles added, "Some years ago I was asked to speak at a FSTA conference about fantasy sports and its future.  I bluntly asked what everyone was doing there when they had to face the likes of ESPN, CBS, Yahoo! and others of similar ilk and size.  I was challenging all to be different, creative, inventive, set apart from the norm to succeed and that was grossly misinterpreted into the rather instant demise of fantasy sports.  Folks like FanDuel, Draft Kings and DraftDay heeded the call by enveloping daily fantasy offerings. The demise predicted," he concluded, "of the poorly funded and lacking originality is here, but the original, ground-breaking and forward moving will do well."

To emphasize the position of TSN in the fantasy environment, both Messrs. Schwarz and Charles pointed to the 2013 FSWA Award finalists where the competition includes the likes of Yahoo, CBS, The Sporting News, Pro Football Focus, Rotowire, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Rotoworld and The Sports Network being represented by the only entrant, Jesse Pantuosco, who is one of the finalists in three categories… Fantasy Basketball Writer of the Year, Fantasy Hockey Writer of the Year and Humor Article of the Year. 

Mr. Schwarz, representing TSN, was the winner of the 2013 Expert Fantasy Football League besting teams from such competition as The New York Times, FOX Sports, CBS San Diego, The Washington Post, New York Daily News, and others.

He added, "We are a complete source for fantasy data and anyone can use our content and advice to further their corporate efforts or win their own fantasy league next season simply by following The Sports Network's pre-season and weekly fantasy football informational updates."      

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