The Sports Network Site Redesign Draws Rave Reviews

Oct 27, 2010, 09:00 ET from The Sports Network

HATBORO, Pa., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sports Network (TSN) has put forth its latest version of and reported an encouraging positive response to same.  "It was our intention to continue to set the pace for ease of use, access to millions of pages of content with instantaneous technology and include more real-time data than, literally, imaginable. Consequently, the sports fan that accesses the site finds himself immersed in a situation that caters to everything he wishes to find, is easy on the eyes and is divorced from the literal plethora of unnecessary data and graphics that permeate and highlight other sports sites.  The reaction and feedback have, frankly, surpassed our own expectations," stated a company spokesperson.

"We actually listen, evaluate, discuss and act to the comments of our users and clients," explained Rob Dougherty, Director of Production and Design. "Our users are both savvy and intelligent, they number in the millions annually and they know what they want.  We take their suggestions very seriously and, although we can't act upon each and every one, we do take them into consideration. The results speak for themselves."

The Sports Network is the nation's largest privately owned real-time sports wire service and has clients throughout North America as well as into Europe with coverage that extends from sites on the Internet to mobile applications utilizing their data.  Over the years, they have set the tone for others and, as their President and CEO, Mickey Charles, has stated at conferences where he speaks world-wide, and in published features:

"Nothing regarding the Internet is original for more than a few seconds, if that," Charles explained.  "You create something; it is incredibly innovative and seemingly original.  Then you post it, employ it, make it available and the industry begins to take notes.  Yes, it is a compliment but it is also distressing.  However, it is the nature of today's technology and we understand that.  On the other hand, we are the leader, immodestly and confidently stated so we accept the effort to compete with us.  We anticipate its falling far short."

The Sports Network endeavors to regularly redesign its site in an effort to accommodate and utilize the latest technology, one that embraces and presents the growth of content to its users from around the world.  "As you add to your product," the company spokesperson concluded. "You usually have to find new ways to present it technologically and to meet the demands and expectations of your user and client[s].  It is challenging but it is stimulating and enjoyable.  Our latest version speaks for itself and plaudits are most rewarding.  That is our reward."

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