The Story You Haven't Heard About The Holocaust

For Holocaust Awareness Month

Apr 02, 2013, 10:33 ET from Wild River Books

PRINCETON, N.J., April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --With dozens of movies, books and documentaries about World War II and the Holocaust, it would be hard to uncover a 'new' story.


However, author Marina Gottlieb Sarles did.

Marina has unearthed a Holocaust story that has rarely been told. Her novel, The Last Daughter of Prussia, explores the horror of Germans trying to escape Hitler's atrocities.  

Here's a link to Marina talking about her book:

The Last Daughter of Prussia (Wild River Books, April 2, 2013) is based on Marina's family's true story of a treacherous, icy journey in the winter of 1944-45. During the evacuation of East Prussia, often called "The Great Trek," millions fled and nearly half a million people died attempting to escape the advance of the Red Army.

The protagonist, Manya begs her family to defy Nazi orders and leave their estate - a crime punishable by death - when she witnesses the brutal attack of a nearby village.

While Marina's book depicts the real-life events of war, it is also an unlikely love story. Manya's childhood friend, a Romani, disappears hours after she realizes she's in love with him.

Marina's family left East Prussia and settled in the Bahamas, where she now resides.

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The electronic press kit shows the faces of her family members who inspired and lived the story.

Here's the link to the EPK:

Talking Points:

  • Think you've heard everything about World War II and the Holocaust? Chronicles the "Great Trek" the mass exodus of East Prussia as well as the Romani persecution in concentration camps.
  • Forgotten Holocaust: About 1.5 million Romani peoples were killed in Nazi-occupied Europe from 1935-45, which tallied about half their population.
  • Forgotten Heroes: The Trakehner breed of horses saved hundreds of thousands of people by hauling carts through snow and ice.
  • Never Forget: Wild River Books Mission and the importance and power of telling stories for future generations.
  • Triumph of Human Spirit: A love story at its core, romantic love, love of family, and friends and love of land, The Last Daughter of Prussia reminds us that we survive most of all, for others and offers transcendence and hope during the worst of times.

SOURCE Wild River Books