The SugarCube Announces Indiegogo Launch to bring All-in-One Bluetooth® Powered Glucose Testing Kit & Mobile App to Market

Nov 12, 2015, 09:42 ET from The SugarCube

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Developed by a diabetic for diabetics, today, The SugarCube announced the launch of its Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the money needed to bring its state-of-the-art Bluetooth® glucose testing kit and supporting mobile app to market.

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Replacing the need for diabetics to carry multiple supplies required for testing blood glucose levels and administering insulin, The SugarCube all-in-one glucometer kit is a Bluetooth® enabled testing and insulin-delivery device. This device communicates directly with The SugarCube App to track, store and analyze a user's diet, exercise, glucose levels, insulin administered and more.

Early feedback from a Type 2 diabetic that evaluated The SugarCube in beta test mode said, "The SugarCube App keeps me in check when life gets hectic and I forget to test myself," adding, "The developers clearly understand the risks of falling into a hypo- or hyperglycemic state; because with the option to extend app notifications to my roommate, parents and boyfriend, I no longer feel alone."

While 29 million Americans suffer from diabetes, together The SugarCube and The SugarCube App aim to provide an easy-to-understand, interactive gaming, and doctor-patient-community connected approach to Type 1, Type 2, and pre-determined diabetics for a more holistic lifestyle management.

"It's true the majority of diabetes management apps available have a data tracker; but most tend to look like a bunch of dots on a graph," said Johnnie Refvik, The SugarCube CEO & Founder. "When it's that difficult to understand and not at all user-friendly, people get easily frustrated and lose interest. The SugarCube will make taking care of your health easier and fun. We want diabetics to understand how past behavior can help them determine better choices for their future."

Here's how The SugarCube is different…

The SugarCube All-in-One Glucometer Kit

  • Components: The glucometer device has built-in storage space for custom test strips and lancets, universal needles, and also supports insulin injections.
  • Custom Meter: A high-quality glucometer will provide accurate blood glucose readings.
  • Technology: The SugarCube kit is a Bluetooth® enabled device that communicates with The SugarCube App and website to simultaneously provide simpler, personalized diabetic lifestyle management to its user. Users can sync their dietary, exercise and blood glucose level reading reports to patient portals for real-time two-way doctor-patient dialogue.
  • Compatible: The SugarCube kit is designed to work with several types of insulin pens currently on the market.  
  • Colors Available: The kit will be available in orange, red, blue, or gray.

The SugarCube App

  • Personal Diabetes Manager: The SugarCube App manages a user's diabetes while he/she manages his/her daily life. Custom alerts to users ensure the patient is properly managing blood glucose levels; and users can choose to extend the alert notification to a parent, school nurse, or care giver.
  • Interactive Community & Challenges: The SugarCube's Community module allows users to connect with other diabetics for shared support, tips, and encouragement to make healthier choices. Users can take part in dietary and exercise challenges to win rewards, such as discounts on local restaurants and gym memberships.
  • Data Tracker: The SugarCube App's cloud based platform keeps records of a user's average daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performance via an easy-to read graphical display and list format. View at a glance or in detail to read blood glucose levels and amount of insulin administered during a specific time period.
  • Food Tracker: The GPS enabled Food Tracker module lets users identify nearby eateries that offer meals which agree or disagree with an individual's health requirements and charts each location onto an easy-to-read map.
  • Calendar: Each day is issued a color-coded block based on the user's performance and diabetic health for that day. The calendar helps users and doctors read weekly and monthly performance averages at a glance, weighing "good days" vs "bad days." Users can click through to specific weeks and days to view insulin levels, exercise activity, what and where meals were consumed as contributing factors to that day's results. Reviewing a user's overall diabetic health can help doctors determine if it's necessary to make medication or dietary adjustments.
  • Records: The SugarCube App is able to pull data from its HIPPA Compliant cloud platform and launch the results in a secure PDF via email to send dietary, glucose and activity reports to a doctor's office.
  • On Board Dietician: The SugarCube App provides a registered dietician available to answer food-related questions; a feature especially essential for newly diagnosed diabetics curious about creating meal plans and avoiding certain foods.

The SugarCube's Indiegogo campaign has set a 45-day goal to reach $300,000 by December 26, 2015. Depending on donation, perks are available ranging from t-shirts to dietician curated meal plans to a free yearlong service trial of The SugarCube App with The SugarCube glucometer kit.

The SugarCube App is currently available on iTunes Connect for beta testing, and is set to make its official debut for iOS in March 2016; and May 2016 for Android. The app is free to download, followed by a 30-day free trial. After the 30 days, users are charged $4.99/month for the SaaS model that includes access to both the mobile app and website version for tablet/PC/Mac users. The SugarCube glucometer device--available for preorder this December--will hit shelves in December 2016 for $75.00.

To donate or for more information, visit The SugarCube's Indiegogo campaign page here.

About The SugarCube

Founded by Refvik Technologies, LLC., in 2012, the concept for The SugarCube was born to offer diabetics state-of-the-art glucometers and a high-tech mobile app which will assist them in managing their day-to-day decision making pertaining to healthier lifestyle choices and food intake.  For more information, visit:  

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