The Surgeons at We Know Beauty Ensure You're Ready for Summer Surprises

Summer is the time when pool parties and other excursions can bring out your insecurities at a moment's notice; be prepared!

May 28, 2013, 19:22 ET from We Know Beauty

LOS ANGELES, May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The lucky few, unfortunately, appear to be the majority when it comes to the enjoyment of activities that put their bodies on display. Summer means beach time, a moment when everyone ostensibly strips to near nudity around hundreds of onlookers. Also with the change in weather comes surprise moments like a staff party that turns out to involve a pool, or a sweaty hike, during which a little less clothing would feel good, but with others watching, it would not feel good psychologically. The doctors at We Know Beauty know the type of insecurities you're dealing with. These board certified plastic surgeons are some of the best at delivering minor corrections and surgical tweaks that make a massive difference in your self-confidence. Much in the way a non invasive face lift can help you shed years without appearing to be a different person, body contouring and other minimally-invasive procedures can make you eager to throw off the extra clothing, and join in the summer fun.

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You may think all the talk of "arms" in the media involves rogue nations pursuing better weapons, but oftentimes the "guns" being discussed this summer are the ones attached to your shoulders. With the toned, stronger, more active look that's been spotted on the likes of Beyonce and Michelle Obama, Americans have found themselves in another arms race in 2013. Getting that sculpted look on your upper arms might take more than weight loss. If you're like millions of Americans over 40 who have lost some tautness near the shoulder, the surprisingly quick surgery may boost your confidence. Combined with some body sculpting, a We Know Beauty specialty, you'll be one of the ones with a magazine cover body every time the bathing suits come out.

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