The Survey System Releases New Web-CATI Module

Dec 15, 2010, 17:29 ET from Creative Research Systems

PETALUMA, Calif., Dec. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Creative Research Systems today released a new Web-CATI Module that brings sophisticated telephone interviewing to the Internet.  This new addition to its world renowned survey software package  - The Survey System - saves research companies money by letting interviewers work from home or other remote locations, instead of locating them in a central phone bank.

Dr. Hank Zucker, CEO of Creative Research stated:

"The steady decline of the traditional phone bank has accelerated over the last few years as cost pressures have mounted.  The Survey System Web-CATI provides both cost savings for the researcher and work-at-home convenience for the interviewer."

The interviewer needs only a regular phone and a broadband Internet connection, plus a browser-equipped PC or MAC.   It will also work through a VOIP system such as Skype.

The interviewer logs onto the website and sees the next available telephone number to call, an introductory script and any other information the researcher may have about the person at that number.  The interviewer conducts the interview, schedules an appointment to call the number back at a particular date and time or records a call result, such as "busy" or "no answer."

The interviews themselves can take full advantage of the extensive logic capabilities and the ability to combine pre-existing information with survey answers in The Survey System's CATI software.

The central office requires a minimum of The Survey System Professional Edition with the Web, CATI and Web-CATI modules, plus a Windows based web server.

Dr. Zucker added, "This is a logical development to combine the benefits of telecommuting, lower costs and convenience for both employer and employee.  It's ideally suited to today's difficult economy."

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