The Ukrainians Have Set a World Record: 40 Days Without Food, 7 Days Without Water Sailing Columbus' Route

Oct 26, 2010, 08:01 ET from Worldwide News Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine, October 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- A popular science film, Columbus Quest, in which a Ukrainian team of travellers has set the world record, was first presented to the audience. Following the route of Christopher Columbus's expedition through the Atlantic Ocean, they haven't eaten during a period of 40 days and stayed without water for 7 days. Goltis, one of the team participants, did not drink a single drop of water during 14 days in a row.

A famous French actor, Gerard Depardieu, served as a narrator in the Columbus Quest. He played a part of Christopher Columbus in the movie "1492: Conquest of Paradise." He enthusiastically supported the project of Ukrainian travellers: "Equites team is something really wonderful! It is hard to believe that they risk their lives not for the sake of money or rewards." Depardieu also added: "If someday the team crosses the Atlantic Ocean again without eating and drinking, I will definitely join them to personally realize what it means to reach the limits of possible."

The Equites team members, namely Goltis, Kostyantyn Mohylnyk and Andrii Suprun, initiated Columbus Quest - as a television project. It is aimed to reveal the capacities of a person to survive in extreme situations without food and water.

The crew was composed of 7 people including the Canadian doctor Adriane van der Vaart who was looking after the team members over a period of the trip, taking tests and keeping a medical record about their general health condition. After observing Goltis, who lasted without water for 14 days, Adrian van der Vaart was astonished: "Nobody has ever done it! It is a true record! They will need to rewrite the medical books!" After 40 days of fasting Goltis has lost 20 kg, Andrii Suprun - 16, 5 kg and Kostyantyn Mohylnyk - 12 kg of their weight.

In October 2011 Equites is planning to fulfill another reckless act - a non-stop flight from the North to the South Pole on a legendary plane Douglas DC-3, which was manufactured 30 years ago.

Columbus Quest film was presented in the framework of Molodist, Ukraine's International Film Festival.

SOURCE Worldwide News Ukraine