The U.S. China Relations is Too Crucial to Ignore and Too Big to be Achieved.

Jul 30, 2013, 10:38 ET from NewsChina

NEW YORK, July 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- 2013 August issue of NewsChina magazine highlights the Sunnylands meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama. In the article "Sunshine Through the Stormclouds" discussed a complete re-evaluation of the bilateral relationship.


The cover story "Agreeing to Disagree" on China's policies. Ever since China launched its policy of Reform and Opening-up three decades ago, China's intellectual community has been embroiled in a constant debate over the future of the nation's development. This month, NewsChina takes an in-depth look at three of China's most controversial public intellectuals

Truth or Treason? The verbal abuse, protests and death threats leveled at elderly economist Mao Yushi demonstrate the huge ideological gulf that is hindering political debate in China

The Constitutionalist's New Robes An outspoken advocate of liberal democracy, Yao Zhongqiu, recently came out as a Confucianist – robes and all. Is it cynical self-promotion, or a progressive attempt to blend Chinese and Western thought?

The Left is Alright Social critic Wang Hui has been called an anti-reformist, a crusader for centralization, and much worse. Outspoken, prolific, and with a strong international background, is he the cosmopolitan voice of China's new Left?

The voice of reason is easily drowned The political exile of public thinkers, excluded from policymaking, has turned ideological debate into a futile exercise in extremist mud-slinging. Ideology needs to return to government.

Politics: Deaf Justice Chinese justices are not trying cases themselves, which constitutes a stumbling block to boosting judicial credibility

Society: Worked to Death A growing number of young Chinese white-collar employees are dying of exhaustion – is the culture of mandatory overtime to blame?

Dim Sum 24/7 In Beijing, this time-honored breakfast tradition has morphed into an entirely different beast 

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