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Vectrex Regeneration available on iTunes

Nov 29, 2012, 08:35 ET from Rantmedia Games

CARDIFF, Wales, Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- /Rantmedia/ – Rantmedia Games, a top developer and publisher of retro mobile games, is pleased to announce Vectrex Regeneration for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available today on iTunes.   Vectrex Regeneration is the only authentic Vectrex experience on iOS, allowing gamers to play every Vectrex title which came out with the machine, plus new ones still being developed.  To buy the app please go to:

Vectrex Regeneration is a faithful recreation of the original Vectrex console, launching just as it approaches its 30th anniversary.  A truly unique game machine Vectrex included a built-in controller and a cartridge port for its 29 games.  It was released in November 1982 and unlike other video game consoles, which connected to televisions, it was the only one that had an integrated monitor which displayed vector graphics.  With this new app players can once again re-live their favorite Vectrex games, or find out for the first time why this console is still so beloved today. 

Rantmedia Games' new App, Vectrex Regeneration, brings players into their own virtual 1980's room with a Vectrex console ready to play.  Just like the original Vectrex, the App comes with Minestorm, though every timeless Vectrex title published will eventually be available for purchase.  At launch 18 titles are playable with the rest of the original 29 coming quickly afterwards.  The Vectrex was so beloved by its community that new developers have continued to create games for the system.  Those games are, for the first time ever, available on iOS so anyone can play the newest titles.

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Rantmedia Games is based in Cardiff, Wales and was formed in 2011. It is the offshoot of a successful mobile agency, which was created following the launch of the iPhone.  The original company has built apps for many high profile brands such as Jaguar Land Rover,, Diamond Insurance, Stryker and Mentor Graphics.  Rantmedia Games has gone on to become a premier independent games company with an emphasis of creating games that are easy to pickup, highly addictive and have lots of attention to detail. After making successful games for others, Rantmedia Games has started to develop and publish its own original titles. Vectrex Regeneration is its first major release and a true work of passion. For more information on Rantmedia Games and Vectrex Regeneration please contact us at the numbers below or go to our website at

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