The virtues of an Electrone Americas Ltd. USB keypad with display

May 13, 2013, 11:42 ET from Electrone Americas Ltd., Co.

ORLANDO, Fla., May 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- User-friendly and cost-efficient keypads suit a wide variety of applications. They are a match made in heaven for health clubs, gyms, and yoga and martial arts studios. For martial arts studios in particular, which tend to attract a younger clientele,  a keypad  with display offers an easy—and forgiving—solution to monitoring attendance.

Here is a telling example of how a keypad with display can fulfill a need like nothing else.  David Dye, the operator of  Shuyokan Ryu Martial Arts Center in Costa Mesa, California, needed a way his students, who start at age seven, could enter their ID number directly into the Martial Arts Organizer software program.  His software provider,, offered some hardware on their site, but no key pads.  Martial arts organizer offered a bar code scanner, which was more expensive and complex, requiring students to remember their cards and scan them properly. They was also the option of an off-the-shelf  keypad, which Dye tried, but the problem with that was  if a number was entered wrong, there was no way of fixing the mistake. Another child's number, or a nonexistent number, would be counted on the attendance record.

Dye was clear about what he needed for optimal efficiency: a numeric keypad with a display so the student can see the numbers as entered, with a backspace key to correct errors. Once the number was inputted accurately, Dye wanted an Enter or Green button to enter the number into the software program. "Above all, I needed it to be kept simple," says Dye, "so that a seven-year-old could use it without problems. Electrone Americas was the only company I found that could do what I wanted my hardware to do. They were very helpful, and as soon as I plugged their keypad in, it worked, and alleviated the need for having a second computer." Electrone America's USB HID keypad saved the day—and the dojo—with a cost-effective, intuitive to use, and self-contained solution to an automatic attendance system.

The 735 Numeric Keypad with display suits numerous market requirements for different needs. Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. has created a keypad that will offer high quality solutions across all industries. Take advantage of the 735 USB and TCP/IPNumeric Keypads for your business's needs today.

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