The Wall Comes Down - Opportunities in Chinese Cards, Payments and Retail Banking

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The Wall Comes Down - Opportunities in Chinese Cards, Payments and Retail Banking

Lafferty's Consumers and their Money reports provide invaluable market and competitor intelligence on payments cards, e-money, acquiring/processing, retail banking and consumer credit.

We are now offering the chance for you to order a specific report on any one of the 68 countries we currently cover. Of course, we are still offering access to our online database covering all 68 markets, but now your organisation can pinpoint the market or markets that matter to you.

Covering 68 countries, the Lafferty reports provide you with the critical information you need to make informed decisions in those markets where you already have a presence, as well as enabling you to make an accurate assessment prior to entering (or leaving) a market.

Each market is analysed using a bespoke template developed following discussions with clients to determine what information was important to them. A dedicated team of analysts and researchers use both primary and secondary source data, and conduct in-depth interviews with senior industry executives and experts.

The resulting reports provide a unique combination of the latest available data and a clear objective analysis of payments cards, acquiring, retail banking and consumer credit activities in each market.

You will be able to:

The relative merits and attractiveness of the retail banking sector in those markets that are important to you;

Analyse profit pools
View the overall credit cards industry profitability and profitability per card via our unique profit pool analysis;

Make decisions
Understand the major card networks' positioning and strategies – allowing you to make informed partnering decisions;

Identify the market
Identify the major card issuers, acquirers and processors – and their market shares – in the markets you are analysing;

Gain local insight
Understand personal disposable income and its relation to mortgage, non-mortgage and total consumer credit outstandings;

Evaluate the market
Appreciate how markets have evolved in terms of segmentation and marketing strategies;

Know what your competitors are doing;

Understand the demographics
Interpret the demographic and economic backdrop to each market.


In developing our industry research and analysis we use Lafferty Group's highly acclaimed methodology that examines:
• Key primary national and international sources including central banks, bank associations, and national statistics divisions
• Data from key players within the industry including annual reports and investor presentations
• Secondary sources to assist with data gaps resultant from the non-public or confidential nature of certain information

We confirm this research and identify market splits through in-depth, exclusive interviews with senior industry executives and experts to produce authoritative intelligence combining the latest data with clear, objective analysis.

Our role as a leading provider of information to the industry accords privileged access to people others can't reach.

Cards & Payments

Cards market overview
Features key data on the payments cards market and forecasts for credit, debit and e-money cards including:
• Credit card profitability indicators (interchange fees, rollover rate, net credit losses)
• Card numbers by type per 100 adults (credit/ debit/e-money)
• Billed volume and number of transactions on credit, debit and e-money cards (POS, ATM and total)
• Average credit, debit and e-money card transaction values (POS, ATM and total)

Key issuers
Provides market share data for key credit cards issuers in the market. This section also carries commentary focusing on issuer strategies including positioning, marketing and alliances. The text provides a clear understanding of where each major issuer sits in the market:
• Key issuer market shares – credit cards in issue
• Key issuer market shares – credit card Outstandings

Profit pool
One of the many unique features of the database is our analysis of the industry profit pool, providing data and forecasts on the overall profitability of each market we cover. This analysis is not available from any other research house and is invaluable when assessing the attractiveness of a market for entry or expansion, or benchmarking performance against the industry as a whole.

Includes historical and current data on:
• Market share in terms of cards in issue and billed volume
• Billed volume, transactions and average transaction values by POS and ATM
• Interchange rates by network or scheme where Available

New for 2013: e-money, prepaid and other non- card e-money data will be added to each market as it is updated throughout the year.

Retail Banking

Retail banking overview
Providing analysis, commentary, data and key retail banking indicators for 68 countries around the world. The financial crisis has focused minds on where exactly sustainable, long-term value is generated in the banking industry. As a result, retail banking is once again centre stage. This time around, international banks are as interested in fast-growth, so-called emerging markets – not least because profits in underdeveloped markets are typically viewed as being far more lucrative by investors.

For each market we provide you with data, commentary and analysis of key retail banking indicators – including historical and current data – such as:

Major retail banking indicators
• Number of retail banks
• Retail banking deposits ($)
• Consumer loans/retail banking deposits (%)
• Banked population (%)
• Banking assets ($)

Top five banks' assets/total assets
• Number of banking branches
• Number of current accounts
• Number of ATMs & POS terminals

Banking/infrastructure penetration per 100,000 adults
• Current accounts
• Bank branches
• ATMs
• POS terminals

New for 2013: return on asset data will be added as each market is updated.

Merchant Acquiring and Processsing

The global payment card acquiring and processing businesses are in the grip of powerful forces for change.

Examining key issues such as consolidations, acquisitions and alliances, Lafferty Group's merchant acquiring and processing research shows how merchant acquiring and card processing has long moved out of the purely domestic realm and is now a fully fledged international business.

It also provides you with critical data for each country, including:
• Merchant acquirer market share
• Number of merchant accounts
• Number of POS transactions
• Billed volume of POS transactions
• Merchant service charges
• Issuer/issuing processor relationships
• Acquirer/acquiring processor relationships
• Issuing processor market share by card numbers
• Acquiring processor market shares by number of POS transactions

Given the vast potential of developing markets as card penetration levels rise relentlessly, we assess why there is much to be optimistic about in this 'guaranteed growth' business.

These comprehensive reports offer expert commentary and insight from Lafferty Group's research team complemented by the latest data.

New for 2013: Debit card merchant service charge data will be added as each market is updated.

Consumer Credit

Lafferty Group's Consumer Credit research provides expansive insight into consumer finance across 68 global markets.

The reports include historic, current and forecast data on personal disposable income and its relation to mortgage, non-mortgage and total consumer credit outstandings in the market, offering a better understanding of indebtedness and the potential for further lending expansion.

Each market report will provide you with critical data, including:

Consumer credit outstandings by product:
• Mortgage loans
• Credit card loans
• Vehicle finance
• Personal loans

Consumer credit outstandings and indebtedness:
• Personal disposable income (PDI)
• Mortgage credit
• Non-mortgage credit
• Total consumer credit
• Ratio to PDI: mortgage credit
• Ratio to PDI: non-mortgage credit
• Ratio to PDI: total consumer credit
• Average total debt per household
• Average total debt per household of which is non-mortgage

The reports also provide commentary on trends, market structure, key growth areas and competitive lines of credit.

In addition, further historical and forecasted data on consumer credit outstandings – broken down by areas such as mortgages, credit card lending, vehicle finance and personal loans – helps you to understand the current consumer finance landscape in any given country or region.
Executive Summary 5
The role of China UnionPay 5
The changing income profile of consumers 6
Cards market 7
Consumer credit 10
Retail banking 13
Research summary 15

Demographics 16
Population Metrics 2000-2012E 17
Ownership of Key Consumer Goods 2000-2012E 17
Internet Usage by Population 2000-2012E 17

The Economy 18
Major Economic Indicators 2005-2014F 19

Retail Banking 20
Major Retail Banking Indicators 2008-2012E 21
Retail Banks' Market Share 2012E 21
Retail Banks' Prowt before /aÝ 2005-2012E 22
Retail Banks' Return On Equity 2005-2012E 22
Retail Banks' Return On Assets 2005-2012E 22

Consumer Credit Market 23
Consumer Credit Outstanding and Indebtedness 2009-2014F 26
Consumer Credit Outstanding by Product 2009-2014F 26

Cards Market 27
Card Holdings per 100 Adults 2005-2014F 30
Card umbers by /ype 2009-2014F 30
Credit Cards Metrics 2010-2014F 30
Credit Cards Prowtability Indicators 2005-2014F 31
Debit Cards Metrics 2010-2014F 31
Prepaid Cards Metrics 2010-2014F 32

Non-card e-money 33
AliPay 2009-2012E 34

Profit Pool 35
Prowt Pool 2005-2014F 36

Pricing and Enhancements 37
Card Pricing and Enhancement 38

The Networks 39
Networks' Credit Card Market Shares 2005-2012E 43
Networks' Credit Card Numbers 2007-2012E 43

Key Retail Banks and Issuers 44
Key Credit Card Issuers Market Shares by Credit Card Numbers 2010-2012E 49
Key Credit Card Issuers Market Shares in Credit Card Outstandings 2010-2012E 50
Key Debit Card Issuers Market Shares by Debit Card Numbers 2010-2012E 51

Merchant Acquiring and Processing 52
Merchant Acquirer Payment Card Market Share 2012 54
Credit Card Merchant Service Charges 2005-2014F 54
Debit Card Merchant Service Charges 2005-2014F 54
Credit Card Issuer/Issuing Processor Relationships 55
Credit Card Acquirer/Acquiring Processor Relationships 55
Credit Card Issuing Processor Market Shares by Card Numbers 2012E 55
Credit Card Acquiring Processor Market Shares by Number of POS /ransactions 2012E 56

Regulatory and other Card Market Information 57

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The Wall Comes Down - Opportunities in Chinese Cards, Payments and Retail Banking

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