The Weather Outside Can Be Frightful Without A Working Snow Blower

Gold Eagle Co. Shares Tips to Make Sure Your Snow Blower is Ready to Perform

Dec 20, 2012, 10:33 ET from Gold Eagle Co.

CHICAGO, Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- While many have been enjoying an unexpected warm start to winter across the U.S., it's important to be prepared for snowfall.  It's likely that most snow blower owners have not used their machines in more than 12 months, which may lead to problems when trying to get their engines started at snowfall. To avoid costly and time-consuming repairs, Gold Eagle® Co. ("Gold Eagle"), an industry pioneer of aftermarket fluids and additives and maker of STA-BIL®, HEET® and Start Your Engines!®, is helping consumers ensure their snow blowers start up without any problems this winter.  

Avoid getting snowed in with five tips that help you identify a damaged carburetor, fix gas that has gone bad, and keep you plowing like a pro, including:

  1. Open up the gas tank – and take notice of the odor. When gasoline goes bad, the old gas gets a stale or rancid smell, similar to that of paint thinner. 
  2. Listen To It Once you start your snow blower, does it run well when you open the choke after it warms up? If you find that the engine is struggling, chances are there is a fuel related issue that may have caused damage to the carburetor.  
  3. See It Look at the gas to observe the color. When gasoline goes bad, the color also tends to darken. If you can't see into the tank, pour some gas into a clear glass container and compare it to fresh fuel. If your older gas sample is distinctly darker, your fuel has gone bad. If the engine is "drooling" or leaking unburned fuel through the muffler, your carburetor may also be experiencing problems.
  4. Fill It Bad gas and carburetor issues can be an easy fix with Start Your Engines!® Fuel Revitalizer. Pour a bottle into your gas tank, pull or purge the fuel into the carburetor and it will begin to unclog your fuel system and create a powerful ignition to start your engine fast.
  5. Start It After a few minutes, start your snow blower and it should run smoothly. Start your machine again the following day to continue to flush the carburetor for optimal winter performance.


"We've all be reveling in the warmer start to winter, but it's important to be prepared for the snow that is yet to come," said Marc Blackman, CEO for Gold Eagle Co. "To avoid getting caught out in the cold with a broken snow blower, make sure to inspect and prepare your engine before the temperatures begin to drop."

Winter weather coupled with poor preparation and not storing small engine equipment correctly can cause damage to any engine. Simple precautions like replenishing a vehicle's vital fluids and topping them off with additives from HEET and STA-BIL or having START YOUR ENGINES! Fuel Revitalizer on hand for engine startup troubles can help protect, preserve and keep your machinery ready for action. To learn more about START YOUR ENGINES! and how to properly use the product, please watch our YouTube video, visit or "like" the STAR YOUR ENGINES! page on Facebook:

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