The Well Dressed Home Releases Their Corporate Green Initiatives to Public for First Time

Top Home Accessories Site Offers Consumers A Peek Behind The Corporate Curtain To Encourage Planet-Friendly Shopping

Jun 30, 2010, 10:30 ET from The Well Dressed Home

SAN FRANCISCO, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The Well Dressed Home, a leading destination for modern home accessories that are both functional and affordable, today announced their corporate green initiatives for the first time to the public in an effort to remind consumers that shopping smart isn't only about bargains. The initiatives, called Greening Retail, will offer style-makers worldwide a peek behind the curtain at The Well Dressed Home and redefine how design-followers can help the planet while also shopping the looks they love. Their top ten initiatives, listed below, represent only a portion of the responsible actions taken by the company.

1. Recycled boxes are a must.

All boxes are made from at least 35% recycled material. Boxes are also re-used to ship items out to customers when available.

2. Smart packing is an easy way to help the earth too.  

Biodegradable cornstarch packaging and re-used packing materials keep orders safe until they get to their destination.

3. Using telephones instead of cars reduces pollution.

All of our corporate and office employees telecommute and work from home.

4. The site buys earth-friendly products.

A great way to care for the environment is to support designers that use materials that are biodegradable and that come from renewable sources; the company also does its best to work with companies that give back to environmental causes.

5. Shipping to office addresses whenever possible.

Because it can be hard to catch customers at home, shipping services often have to stop there two or three times in one day, increasing fuel fumes. Customers are encouraged to have deliveries sent to their offices.

6. Small boxes are better.

The smaller the box - the less waste in the recycling bin.

7. Ground transportation is the preferred shipping method.

Shipping by ground instead of air saves customers extra cash and helps save the planet as well.

8. The Well Dressed Home promotes a greener lifestyle.

Starting on September 1, 2010 each customer will receive a free organic cotton tote bag with any purchase of $50 or more to first 1,000 customers, perfect to re-use.

9. Locally manufactured products.

Priority is given to products made in the USA when reviewing items to add to the collection.  Locally made products cut down on global shipping and ensure fair labor practices and environmental standards.

10. Work with manufacturers and importers that offer drop-shipping.  

This reduces a trip for many of our products by avoiding being shipped to our warehouse and then re-shipped out to customers.  Selected products ship directly from manufacturer or importer.

Initiatives also include a ban on plastic shipping labels and the mandate that shipments only go out twice a week to avoid excessive environmental damage caused by transportation. In addition, the company uses no logos on the shipping boxes they send because a plain box offers an opportunity for re-use by the customer for anything from another gift to storage. And, starting in September 2010, product "Life Cycle" information will be included, alerting customers if product and packaging are recyclable.

"We know that in the retail industry 'being green' is hard to do – but we are certainly trying to make shopping a much greener experience," said Jim Burkhart, President of The Well Dressed Home. "Every little thing done to help cut down on waste really does help."

The site, a favorite among editors and design stars all over the country, plans to continue to support the environment as they support a modern and fashionable lifestyle by adding sustainable practices wherever possible. To read about each step The Well Dressed Home takes to help "green the planet" and to learn more about the site, visit

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