The Well-known Coach Alejandra Llamas, Dr. Pepe Bandera and Melanie Shapiro Debut TV Show "Palabras al Aire TV"

- Living your truth: a journey to transform your life - via VIMEO on Demand

Jul 07, 2015, 15:25 ET from Instituto MMK de Coaching

MIAMI, July 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Renowned ontological coach Alejandra Llamas, Director of the MMK Coaching Institute (Instituto MMK de Coaching) and best-selling author of Maestria de vida (Mastery of Life), Una vida sin limites (A Life without Limits) and El arte de conocerte (The Art of Self-Awareness), announced, along with the physician Pepe Bandera and well-known film and TV producer Melanie Shapiro, the debut of their new TV program Palabras al Aire TV to be broadcast weekly over the Internet via Vimeo on demand.

Palabras al Aire TV was created at the request of more than 300,000 fans of the show's hosts Alejandra LlamasDr. Pepe Bandera and Melanie Shapiro, not only throughout the United States, but also Mexico and Latin America. "We decided to create Palabras al Aire TV because of the overwhelmingly positive response that we've been receiving every week on the show Palabras al Aire Radio, broadcast Wednesdays at 12PM ET over the Internet via SoundCloud, which has had more than 300,000 playbacks all over the world," said Alejandra Llamas, Director of MMK Coaching and one of the hosts of the new Internet TV program.

Palabras al Aire TV, which is being broadcast weekly over the Internet via VIMEO on Demand, seeks to inspire and motivate listeners by means of relaxed, straightforward conversations by hosts Alejandra, Pepe y Melanie.  

"Your self knows what is best for you, it knows the deep desires of your heart. To achieve this, you must silence your mind, take courage by the hand and create an existence consistent with our great truth, one that knows the force of our spirit. We invite every one of you to accompany us on this great journey that will change your lives," said Melanie Shapiro, co-host of Palabras al Aire TV and Palabras al Aire Radio.

Dr. Pepe Bandera, co-host of Palabras al Aire TV, said, "We are excited to bring about this project, requested by so many of our radio program listeners, and so we invite you to transform your lives, starting with the first episode for free, a six-video series available for $12.95 through VIMEO on Demand."

The weekly topics include:  

Week 1: Being the witness 
Week 2: The power of being honest 
Week 3: Your relationship with yourself and your body 
Week 4: Your relationship with others 
Week 5: Money and work 
Week 6: Living in order to serve

About Alejandra Llamas: A best-selling author and director of the MMK Coaching Institute, Alejandra Llamas is certified with the International Coach Federation. Her coaching training has allowed her to deliver lectures on "Technology of Thought." She currently directs and provides certification programs, in person and online, approved by the ICF. She is the best-selling author of Una vida sin limites (Penguin Random House), El arte de conocerte (Penguin Random House) and Maestria de vida, coauthored with Gloria Calzada and a no. 1 best seller on Born in Mexico and now residing in the United States, she delivers lectures all over the world and is constantly being invited to appear on TV and radio shows such as CNN, Univision, Telemundo, Bayly, La opinion, Mamas Latinas, to name a few.

About Pepe Bandera: Pepe Bandera studied medicine, specializing in internal medicine, gastroenterology and endoscopy. He studied therapeutic endoscopy at the Fujigaoka hospital in Yokohama, Japan. After returning to Mexico, he had his own gastrointestinal practice and taught at the Panamerican University. He then went into radio joining Simple y Genial with Gloria Calzada, where he met Alejandra Llamas. Together they hosted "Una Vida Sin Limites" (A Life without Limits) on the TV network Proyecto 40, and following that, "Refleja Tu Salud" (Reflect Your Health) and "Doctores" (Doctors). He was most recently on the Fox series "Salud Emocional" (Emotional Health). He obtained his certification as a MMK Coach from Alejandra Llamas' MMK Coaching Institute and joined Palabras al Aire Radio. He is the author of "El Poder de la Prevencion" (The Power of Prevention).

About Melanie Shapiro: For Melanie Shapiro, life is constantly changing and has proven to be not only interesting but relatively peaceful. Born the youngest of five children in Caracas, Venezuela, she quickly learned how to take care of herself. She learned at an early age that she possessed an innate talent for numbers and a desire to create. As an adolescent she started her own clothing line, and by her twenties was already a partner in a television production company. Twenty years later, she married an American, and has three grown children in Miami. Her hobbies include the stock market, fashion, beauty, dogs and yoga. When the stress becomes too much, she heads to her cabin in the mountains of Maine.

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