The Winners of the World Cup...Supermarkets!

Jun 17, 2010, 03:58 ET from VoucherSeeker

LEEDS, England, June 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The World Cup is well underway and as the country sits gripped in the drama which is currently unfolding, and part with their hard-earned cash using voucher code sites such as VoucherSeeker (, the real winners of the World Cup are in fact... Supermarkets.

The UK economy is expected to receive a GBP1.3 billion boost as shoppers buy products from World Cup Gnomes to show their support, to HDTVs to watch the matches. Consumers hoping to save money are flocking to sites such as VoucherSeeker for discount vouchers and discount codes for money off World Cup items. However, not all retailers will be World Cup Winners.

Research by Verdict suggests that whilst some retailers will feel the boost, others will actually suffer due to lack of interest in products and time to shop. As people choose to stay at home to watch matches, town centres will become more empty. Department stores in particular will suffer as lack of traffic on the high street will result in lack of people in their stores. Homewares, furniture and DIY stores are also expected to feel the pinch.

Verdict research has found that the 1.3 billion extra to be spent over the World Cup will actually be spent on groceries between June and July 2010. Alcohol sales alone are set to increase by 7.2%.

"The VoucherSeeker World Cup Offers page sees many vouchers and promotional codes from retailers such as Tesco, who not only offer groceries but electricals too," states Duke Tanson, VoucherSeeker Director.

In fact, supermarkets Verdict feels give the 'competitive advantage' include Tesco and Sainsburys, as both offer rapidly expanding services, convenience for consumers and appealing non-food offers.

Shopping online for World Cup voucher codes and offers will also be an advantage to consumers, as they simply need to check online for discounts.

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It is not just the big four retailers who will be benefitting from the World Cup. Convenience stores and grocery retailers are set to see the benefits of World Cup spending. Sportwear retailers are also set to be winners in the World Cup tournament as people race to show their support for their teams. Consumers wanting to save money will be using discount vouchers and discount codes from voucher code sites.

However, the research also found that electrical retailers are to be disappointed. During the 2006 World Cup, consumer interest in new technologies peaked. However, Verdict suggests that consumer interest in technology for the 2010 World Cup is no longer there and therefore difficult to replicate for retailers.

How the England team performs in the World Cup is also set to have an impact on spending. The better the team does and the further they get into the competition, the more spending will increase.

The real winners of the World Cup are set to be supermarkets, as consumers will mainly be spending their money on groceries and alcohol. Consumers are expected to spend an extra 1.3 billion over the world cup period as people choose to stay at home in order to watch the matches. Consumers will be shunning the high street in order to watch matches and shop for products online using voucher codes from sites such as VoucherSeeker ( Retailers who will be missing out include DIY, homewares and department stores, as town centres become less busy.

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