The World's Largest Bitcoin Lottery - Betcoin™ Prize - Announced by Bitcoin Gambling Innovator Betcoin™ Entertainment

Nov 25, 2013, 05:01 ET from BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network

HONG KONG, November 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Earlier today BetCoin™ Entertainment announced the arrival of the world's largest truly international Bitcoin lottery game. Hot on the heels of the enormous success of Betcoin™ Dice and Betcoin™ Circle, the latest offering from ceaselessly innovating Bitcoin company Betcoin™  has been revealed: Betcoin™ Prize. Having processed over $100 Million USD in wagers of Bitcoin in the last 3 months alone, Betcoin™ shows no signs of slowing, as the company continues to innovate and provide players with unprecedented value for their Bitcoin.

Peter Nolan of BetCoin™ Entertainment explained that both BetCoin™ Entertainment and its fans worldwide are very excited about the launch of the highest paying Bitcoin lottery yet to be seen anywhere online. Nolan went on to say that Betcoin™ Prize is the world's largest Bitcoin lottery - with the winner getting a huge 82% of the overall sales, and a further 3% distributed between the top 100 players, with extra monthly prizes for the top players exceeding a hundred thousand dollars, and the rest divided among the worldwide affiliates who promote the game in their countries. Nolan hinted that BetCoin™ Entertainment is breaking the mould when it comes to online gaming, stating that Bitcoin is a very inexpensive way of betting with a huge upside potential. This is the first lottery ever that has broken the customary national boundaries limiting the players to participating in lotteries in their respective jurisdictions. It would be almost inconceivable for players who are based in China to participate in the American Powerball lotteries and vise versa. Players can utilize many of the unique properties of Bitcoin, such as ultra low-cost instant transactions, full transparency and accountability, provably fair technology, and immediate discreet payouts. The 82% jackpot payout is 65% higher than the usual 50% seen in most fiat lotteries worldwide. 

Betcoin™ Prize betting starts at a mere 0.001 Bitcoin, or $0.8 USD per ticket, and the gaming process is fully automated with immediate Bitcoin confirmations and payouts. All players need to do is select their prize: choosing from the 15-day Diamond, 9-day Platinum, 7-day Gold, 3-day Silver, or 1-day Bronze Betcoin™ Prize Bitcoin lottery draw. Betcoin™ Prize players can conveniently and instantly purchase their tickets using Bitcoin. After sending Bitcoin to the lottery ticket purchase address, a confirmation transaction is sent back confirming the successful ticket purchase. Any number of tickets can be purchased in a single transaction. All punters need to do at this point is to sit back, watch the jackpot grow, and wait for their prize to be drawn. The highest paying Bitcoin lottery in the world, Betcoin™ Prize, can be accessed from anywhere: even if the site is down players can memorize the Bitcoin lotto addresses, and send in their entries whenever they would like to have a go at winning the lions share 82% first prize. There is no need to worry about claiming your winnings, or losing your ticket - all transactions are automatically credited to the players' wallets, which makes the level of privacy and security unprecedented. 

Betcoin™ Prize is packed with all of the benefits Bitcoin punters have come to expect from the premier Bitcoin gambling company. This includes a fully anonymous gaming experience with no account needed, no password required and the utilization of the latest cutting edge provably fair Bitcoin gaming technology. Users simply need to maintain control over the Bitcoin wallet they place their bets with, making Betcoin™ Prize one of the most secure gaming experiences to be found in the world of Bitcoin gambling. Due to the transparent nature of Bitcoin, all transactions are embedded in the public Bitcoin blockchain ledger, and the Betcoin™ Prize Bitcoin Jackpot wallet address balances are visible to all. The Betcoin™ Prize Bitcoin gaming system is tamper proof and has been designed with the needs and rights of Bitcoin players at its core.

BetCoin™ Entertainment keeps gaining momentum - having processed over $100 Million USD in Bitcoin in wagers over the last three months, released their new information resource the BetCoin™ Wiki, news portal BetCoin™ Board and B2C interactive platform  BetCoin™ Connect that gives away free Bitcoins last month, and now by launching Betcoin™ Prize  the largest international online Bitcoin lottery in the world. BetCoin™ Entertainment continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in Bitcoin, and offering an unprecedented 82% of the total lottery takings to the jackpot winner and the rest to the top players and affiliates of the new globalized Betcoin™ Prize is no exception.

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