The World's Sole Owner of TRIKLONE[TM] and PERKLONE[TM] has Launched ALKALINITY & AAV Test-Kit to its European Customers Who Use Critical Degreasing Applications in the Aviation Industry

Oct 28, 2015, 06:15 ET from Banner Chemicals UK

RUNCORN, England, October 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

ALKALINITY & AAV (Acid Acceptance Value) Test-Kits improve the Vapor-Degreasing process of TRIKLONE[TM] and PERKLONE[TM] products;

PERKLONE™, TRIKLONE™ conform to ASTM Vapor-Degreasing

Banner Chemicals have now launched the ALKALINITY & AAV test-kit for their European and USA customers who use TRIKLONE[TM] and PERKLONE[TM]  in metal degreasing applications.  PERKLONE™, TRIKLONE™ ASTM conforming products carry aerospace approvals  for the critical cleaning process.

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The ALKALINITY & AAV test-kits save customers time and costs by enabling them to improve efficiency and manage the degreasing-process better.

Trichloroethylene TCE (branded product TRIKLONE™ LE)

Perchloroethylene PCE (branded product PERKLONE™ MD)

ALKALINITY & AAV (Acid Acceptance Value) test kit

Banner Chemicals is a 2M Holdings subsidiary and member of the Omni-Chem[136] Alliance

Dr. Maggie Kessler, Export Director of Banner Chemicals says:

"Our unique TRIKLONE and PERKLONE are extra stabilised and recommended by European & USA customers as the most suitable ASTM metal-degreasing applications.

If you have important metal-degreasing processes we now supply TRIKLONE and PERKLONE products together with their ALKALINITY & AAV (Acid Acceptance Value) test-kits.

Our dedicated and committed team are always available to take your order, to give you technical advice and of course to ship our confirmed ASTM TRIKLONE and PERKLONE products together with their ALKALINITY & AAV test-kit to your location."

Key facts & figures:

Banner Chemicals offered PERKLONE™ & TRIKLONE™ as:

  • 99.99 % pure
  • Extra stabilised grade
  • ASTM grade of metal-degreasing
  • Have over 100 years of technology & know-how
  • Over 150 years in business
  • Branded product ( PERKLONE™  & TRIKLONE™ )
  • Many approvals
  • REACH registered
  • PERKLONE™  & TRIKLONE™ AAV  test-kit
  • PERKLONE™  & TRIKLONE™ products are currently supplied to more than 90 countries worldwide, to many metal-degreasing satisfied customers worldwide


Banner Chemicals exclusively produce and supply all grades of PERKLONE™ and TRIKLONE™, Including TRIKLONE™ N and LE; PERKLONE™ MD, D and DX PLUS™ and EXT

  •  TRIKLONE -    Minimum stabilised for specialised applications
  •  TRIKLONE™ N - Metal Degreasing product (Highly stabilised grade)
  • TRIKLONE LE - ASTM conforming, Metal Degreasing  product (Extra stabilised grade)
  • AAV ( Acid Acceptance test-kit ), custom-made for PERKLONE™ & TRIKLONE™
  •  PERKLONE MD - ASTM conforming, Metal Degreasing  product (Extra stabilised grade)
  •   - Dry-cleaning applications (also available in 20L cans)
  •  PERKLONE™ EXT - Catalyst / Isomerization grade ( Refinery approved by UOP)
  • All products are manufactured under ISO9001:2008 from premium quality feedstocks and of 99.99% pure 
  • TRIKLONE™ & PERKLONE™ are REACH registered product

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PERKLONE™, TRIKLONE™  supplied GLOBALLY and EXCLUSIVELY by Banner Chemicals UK  

Dr M Kessler
Telephone: +44-1928-597000

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