theChanner Unveils the Future of Live Television Now on Mobile Phones

New service provides social dimension to global mobile TV and empowers the viewer to participate

theChanner Worldwide Music Application is Launched Free to Consumers Today

Jun 16, 2010, 10:38 ET from theChanner

SAN FRANCISCO, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting today, viewers can now enjoy live Internet television on their phones, respond to TV channel promotional offers and use their social networks to talk about whatever they're watching.


A new service, theChanner, begins offering mobile TV access to live TV broadcasts from networks and stations that stream across the globe. Moreover, it gives people using iPhone and Android handsets a revolutionary way to discover, view and discuss TV content on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Viewers can comment on the various channels, share their favorites and discuss specific topics with their community.

"TV Goes Social" as theChanner becomes the first mobile TV tuner that marries live global TV to the juggernaut of social interaction. By providing a highly intuitive interface, theChanner sets mobile viewers in a centric role, thus anticipating the future of television where the consumer will interact and become the ultimate decision maker.

Available for $1.99 for mobile devices, theChanner will enable 3G viewing on Android phones and wi-fi viewing on the iPhone. theChanner can be downloaded at

theChanner opens up a vast world of television for users--including news, sports, weather, music and entertainment on a global scale. As broadcasters start streaming their channels live to the Internet, theChanner will search for them and add to its lineup. With additional channels brought on board daily, nearly every mobile phone user will find something of personal passion and interest.

theChanner viewers can explore such International channels as ABC Australia,  e-Music Television (United Kingdom), Hip Hop TV (France), Fashionguide TV (Germany), Sky News (United Kingdom), IBA (Israel), Sport Italia (Italy), NHK World (Japan), Press TV (Iran), Canal 44 (Mexico), among many others. Many of theChanner's broadcasters stream in English.

Investors can track their stocks by watching Bloomberg TV, and viewers with specialized interests can watch Scuba TV, Massive Mag Xtream Sports or Research Channel. A number of local stations including Fox LA, Fox Dallas and Fox Chicago are already streaming on the Internet and therefore available to the mobile audience using theChanner, with more such stations coming. Visit for a continually updated list of available channels.

"We know that some people will immediately gravitate to their familiar favorite channels, but we're also excited about the adventurous viewers who wants to discover a more expansive viewpoint and explore offerings from around the world that will grow their knowledge about whatever intrigues them," said Nina Alastruey, founder and CEO of theChanner.

Music lovers will be able to download a free version of theChanner Music TV today as part of the launch. It is the first time a smartphone application will provide access to 24/7 global music channels including e-Music Television, NRJ Hits, HipHop TV, MAD TV, Music Box and Interia.

theChanner can be downloaded at


With increasing amounts of video available, theChanner facilitates and aggregates the TV programming that keeps viewers updated and entertained with content that matters to them most. theChanner is a unique platform for viewers and broadcasters to meet, where they can both take advantage of the Internet, adding new value propositions and participation options.  When viewers participate, broadcasters are incentivized to create more programming for every lifestyle.

Two trends are at the apex of theChanner's launch. Viewers are changing their habits with mobile becoming a centric device. While 50% of the Americans are still watching local news, the home TV audience continues to decrease daily. Meanwhile, research reveals that between 2008 and 2009, the number of mobile users watching video grew 70 percent, and nearly one-third of smartphone owners have now begun using social networking services from their handset.

theChanner combines these trends into a powerful application to help broadcasters reach the mobile audience through the Internet. theChanner's free broadcaster tools--accessible on the phone or through the theChanner's website--allows broadcast executives to understand and analyze their mobile audience through individualized metrics.

Broadcasters also can use theChanner as a powerful promotional tool to:

  • compose direct messages to their audience
  • ask them to participate
  • download a video clip

"theChanner's debut marks the beginning of the TV revolution, where viewers and their friends can create communities of interest around their favorite television shows or channels, and increase out-of-home viewership," said Alastruey. "theChanner gives content providers a powerful, cost-effective way to capture audiences, foster loyalty and monetize the mobile channel over the Internet."

To reach the mobile audience, TV stations simply provide their Internet stream to theChanner, which automatically renders it in a way that meets each smartphone model's unique requirements, ensuring an optimal viewing experience. theChanner gives content providers a turnkey platform and viewer base that reduces their cost, risk and time to market for launching or expanding their mobile presence.

For more information about theChanner, visit

About theChanner

theChanner is the first social mobile TV tuner, a service offering live global Internet TV while providing mobile viewers an opportunity to discover TV, watch and participate, sharing their opinions with their social networks. A highly intuitive user interface, downloaded for only $1.99, opens a gateway to news, sports or entertainment from around the globe. theChanner provides a powerful way for TV broadcasters to make their channels available on smartphones, increase audience, drive interactivity and grow the monetization of the mobile World.  More information, visit

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