theIRapp™ Survey Shows Institutional Investors More Dependent on Mobile Devices than Desktop

Apr 30, 2013, 08:45 ET from theIRapp

NEW YORK, April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Institutional Investors are now more dependent on the mobile device for conducting their work than on desktop computing, according to a survey conducted by theIRapp™, the investor relations app building technology platform that allows public companies to optimize their IR content for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.


theIRapp's survey of 200 institutional investment professionals during the first quarter of 2013 showed that when it comes to their work, 83% rely on their mobile devices rather than the desktop.  The survey also revealed the following: 

  • 47% of investors said that the device type most conducive to obtaining information is an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini)
  • 21% said the Blackberry was sufficient
  • 7% rely on Android devices

With regard to devices  provided to investors by their employers, 92% of those surveyed said they were provided with a mobile device by their employer.  Of those:

  • 40% are Blackberry devices
  • 22% are Apple devices (iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini)
  • 2% are Android

Depending on the type of device provided by their employer, 68% also purchased additional devices to leverage the power of iOS and Android devices to do their work.  Of the respondents, 41% carry and use 2 devices (including the one provided by the employer) and 26% carry and use 3 devices (including the one provided by the employer).

Commenting on the survey, Jeff Corbin, founder of theIRapp, said, "The purpose of our survey was to demonstrate that investors are now becoming more dependent on mobile for their work.   It can be concluded that institutional investors recognize the value and power of Apple's mobile devices.  Even if their employers do not supply them with an iPhone or iPad, they still are purchasing these devices on their own given their utility in helping them do business while out of the office and on the go." 

He continued, "Based on the results of the survey and after having had numerous conversations with the buy-side and sell-side, theIRapp developed and launched today theIRappFOLIO.  With their iPhones, iPads and Android devices, investors who cover numerous companies now have the ability to have all the great qualitative content (audiocast conference calls, videos, presentations, etc.) that companies generate on their mobile device via a one app solution.  Up until now, this information was only available through the investor section of a company's website."

For more information on the survey, please visit or contact theIRapp at or 212-896-1255. Media contact Joe McGurk 212.896.1231.

About theIRapp™

theIRapp™ ( is a turnkey mobile technology native app platform available to publicly traded companies listed on all global stock exchanges. It enables a company's investor relations information to be available through Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPad as well as Google Play for Android devices.

By only providing a ticker symbol and logo, a public company can have its own customized app available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Market in less than three weeks. Through theIRapp™, retail and institutional investors have access to automated, real-time stock price information (via live data feeds), press releases, SEC filings, analyst coverage, corporate documents (fact sheets, presentations, etc.), videos, audiocast conference calls, upcoming events and other custom company information.