TheMove Mobile Platform Revolutionizes the Events Marketplace

Announcing the November 6th launch of TheMove app in New York City.

Nov 02, 2015, 10:10 ET from TheMove

NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Intuitive App Changing The Way Venues & Events Do Business Through User-Generated Content And Real-Time Digital Interactions 

Manhattan based startup company, TheMove Inc., gears up for Friday's official launch. Co-founders, Peter Kazickas and Thomas Abraham, separated by an age gap of 20 years, teamed up to solve a problem with what they call the "events marketplace." An issue Abraham experienced throughout his 20's in New York City, and one Kazickas is living out today. What they've built, the grand prize winning idea at the 2015 Hamilton College Pitch Competition, is a mobile events platform that features user-generated content and real-time interactions. Says CEO Peter Kazickas, "The idea started out of a desire to help my friends, recent college grads living in New York City. When I met with Thomas, TheMove co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, we decided we could build something much, much bigger. What we have now is a revolutionary new platform that changes the way venues and events do business, by taking advantage of the digital, image and video-based communication world that we live in today." 

At its core, TheMove is an events app that allows venues and event hosts to promote themselves for little to no cost, and lets everyone else see what's going on around them with just a few thumb taps. But the ingenuity of the app is in its curation of user-generated content and interaction functionalities. "By allowing users to filter for the type of events or venues they're looking for, we've given them a map of what's happening around them," Kazickas says. "But we've taken it a step further. When you click into an event's feed you can not only see who's there, but you can also check out realtime videos and pictures that people have posted from inside the venue." TheMove team believes they're on to something big here. "It's the pictures and videos that event attendees upload that are going to help others sift through the app and find the perfect environment," explains Kazickas. "But every one of those pictures and videos also doubles as a free promotion and advertisement for the venue or event. We've come up with a way to make advertisements unobtrusive and even desirable, because finally there's no angle, everyone is benefitting." 

And the app is entirely free to use. Anyone can upload and promote their venue or event. When asked to look ahead, Kazickas illustrates a clear path for the future of TheMove. The functions that they're currently integrating will help foster sustainability, and only serve to enhance the user experience. This isn't the typical app that will rely heavily on invasive ads and pop-ups to make money (think ticket sales, advanced cover charge payments, and car service integration). 

Perhaps holding his tongue, Kazickas divulged slightly more into what they've been cooking up back in the lab. Detailed, backend analytics for venues and a predictive algorithm to suggest events are in the works, but the introduction of Augmented Reality is what they're most excited about. By simply pointing your phone in the direction you're headed, you'll be able to see all the events nearby that match your preferences.

To be clear, revenue generation has never been the driving force behind TheMove app. Says Kazickas, "Our primary focus has always been, and always will be, on user experience. We're excited that our monetization strategy is based entirely on the development of functions that will enhance user experience, so we can continue to focus solely on the people that will make this app great."

TheMove will begin by launching geo-specifically with plans to move from borough to borough, city to city, and eventually spread around the world. For now, if you're someone who wants to save time and money, and test the benefits of user curation and realtime digital interaction, download TheMove. 

About TheMove

TheMove was founded in early 2015 and is headquartered in New York City. The proudly bootstrapped app is the result of long hours, sleepless nights, and zero dollars of outside funding. TheMove is ready for download in the App Store, but will launch officially on Friday, November 6th. For more information, visit For business inquiries, kindly email Check us out on Instagram @themove_app, and Facebook at