There Are No Small Roles, Only Small Casting Sites: ActorCast Gives Talent an All-Access Pass to Hollywood's Hottest Auditions

Mar 16, 2011, 20:57 ET from ActorCast

LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ActorCast, a service that gives talented Hollywood hopefuls the coveted connections they need to be successful, is bridging the gap between actors and the industry's most elite casting directors.  Developed by the same visionaries who founded Cast It Systems, the industry-changing casting website actively used by most major studios, ActorCast is the only site where actors, agents, and managers can link directly with the leading database for major casting opportunities.  For talented hopefuls, ActorCast equips actors with the only tool that keeps them on the cutting edge of what's happening and who's hiring in Tinseltown.


After achieving profound success with Cast It, founders Eric Hayes and Chris Gantos took initiative with the next logical step in assisting casting directors and studios.  In 2008 they launched ActorCast, a casting site exclusively for actors, agents and managers.  With Cast It used in 90 percent of studio films produced, as well as hit television shows like Modern Family, The Mentalist and House M.D., it seemed only natural to directly link actors to studio casting offices and independent casting directors.  

By completing an ActorCast profile, actors and talent representatives are ensuring that their information and videos are Cast It compliant.  With over 5,000 active accounts set up for Hollywood decision makers, producers, directors, and casting directors are viewing reels almost exclusively through Cast It. Through this compliance ActorCast gives talent an uncanny competitive edge, leading several members to successfully land roles in hit television programs and major studio films, including the blockbuster smash, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse".  

"It makes no difference if an actor is just starting out or if they are more established," says co-founder Chris Gantos.  "ActorCast provides a wide variety of opportunities ranging from television, independent productions, and major studio films, but more importantly it can provide the casting directors with the profile information and reels that will get an actor reviewed immediately."

With advances in technology, mailed DVDs and tapes of actors' reels have become outdated and inconvenient.  ActorCast allows members to develop a profile where casting directors and studios may easily access headshots, resumes, and reels when searching for talent and immediately share that information with the directors, producers and studio execs.  

"From five years ago to now, the execution of casting has completely changed.  Top studios and casting directors rely on Cast It's streamlined approach to casting," says Gantos.  "With ActorCast, our goal was to provide that same simple and accessible approach and apply it to actors, agents and managers."

ActorCast is great for established, emerging, and child actors looking to enhance their acting career.  Whether submitting auditions via the internet, or making a mark on the leading casting database, ActorCast is all the buzz in the showbiz world.  

To get in with the in crowd, actors, agents and managers can visit to become a member.  

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