Thinking Inside the Groasis Waterboxx Solves Deforestation, Water Depletion, Food Shortage

Jun 22, 2010, 09:40 ET from Groasis

NAPA VALLEY, Calif., June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The Groasis waterboxx, a groundbreaking solution to deforestation, water depletion and food shortage will kick off a historic project with Robert Mondavi Winery, June 23rd at 10:00 am, 7801 St Helena Highway, Oakville, California. Named one of Popular Science Magazine's Top Ten Global Inventions 2010, the Groasis waterboxx can be planted on any terrain under dry conditions without irrigation.  At the Robert Mondavi ceremony this "game changing" invention will be introduced by Margrit Mondavi- VP of Cultural Affairs at Robert Mondavi Winery, Secretary of California Environmental Protection Agency -Linda Adams, Napa Mayor-Jill Teschel, Consulate General of the Netherlands- Bart van Bolhuis and inventor- Pieter Hoff.

The Groasis waterboxx is the size of a motorcycle tire with an opening in the center, which surrounds a sapling or seed that is planted in the soil.  This "intelligent water incubator" produces and captures water from the air through condensation and rain without using energy. At the same time, a candle like wick on the bottom of the box slowly drips water into the soil, providing enough for the plant's first year of life but still leaving the roots thirsty enough to grow strong and deep.

After one year the plant is strong enough to grow by itself and the Groasis waterboxx can be easily removed over the plant and during 10 years be reused for the next.

Robert Mondavi Winery, a champion of innovation in the wine industry, will dry farm three acres with more than 600 Groasis waterboxxes, joining other California planting and reforestation research projects in Sonoma, Whitewater, Pipes Canyon and Joshua Tree National Park.  In Dos Palmas an experiment will be done on salted soil. These important programs will work in tandem with other Groasis waterboxx projects in Spain, France, Kenya, Morocco, Holland and Ecuador.  Each of them have specific applications. In Barcelona experiments are done to line avenues with fences planted with ivy and Bougainvillea to absorb dust particles, in Kenya schools will experiment with food producing bushes, in France, Leon's snow capped mountains will be reforested and in Morocco's Sahara desert, experiments will be done with fruit producing trees.  The numerous applications for helping to solve global warming, deforestation and feeding the planet are endless.  For more information go to


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