This Halloween Season... Toast the 'Ghostly Spirits' at a San Antonio Haunted House

Oct 22, 2010, 21:24 ET from TERROR MANSION

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Preparations for the spookiest fun-filled parties have begun.  For many, October is that special month catering to the Halloween season, a serious billion-dollar industry that has grown into the nations second largest holiday.  "...The National Retail Federation estimated the average consumer in 2003 spent about $41.77 on Halloween-related items, including $14.41 on candy, $14.85 on costumes and $10.37 on decorations.  Total retail sales in 2003 surpassed $7 billion, up from $2.5 billion in 1997..." - James Lowry.

Whether spending income to satisfy sweet cravings with endless varieties of decadent candy, costume hunting for the most outrageous disguise and prize, decorating storefronts with festive colored cob-webbing, ghost themed lights, black rats and gory ghouls, the Halloween season is never complete without friends and family carefully scheduling a "scary" experience at the most horrifying, thrilling and mind bending local haunted house attraction.

In the deep heart of Texas lies the city of San Antonio which boasts a beautiful winding river walk as well as the historical Alamo.  Of course, the "ghostly spirits" of San Antonio are also alive and active in notorious hotspots during the Halloween season where they really come out to play and possibly scare.

One of San Antonio's most colorful ghost tales involves the unfortunate 1930-1940's collision near San Juan Mission between a stalled school bus and train where ten children lost their lives and now haunt the railroad tracks to protect others from a similar fate.

This October, Halloween enthusiasts can once again "Toast the Ghostly Spirits of San Antonio" at a popular San Antonio haunted house location also known as:  TERROR MANSION, San Antonio's PARANORMAL "4 STAR" Scariest Haunted House (  While chilling stories of paranormal activity can be viewed on their website "TM Paranormal" link, Terror Mansion also has a popular YouTube video link:

After years of experiencing unexplained paranormal activity at TERROR MANSION, the owner agreed to a paranormal investigation conducted by Sgt. Eddie Hill, founder of After Dark Paranormal Research.  The owner was curious to know among other things, who "turns lights on, unlocks doors, opens and shuts doors, turns ceiling fans on and drops secured objects."

At the conclusion of an October 10, 2010 After Dark Paranormal Research investigation, these observations were shared:

"... On Sunday, October 10, 2010, the owner of Terror Mansion telephoned me at my home in Dallas to inform me about the After Dark Paranormal Research investigation being conducted that evening at her haunted house.  I told the owner her haunted house is 'really haunted' and I saw a small child present...a little girl and a small boy around 3 or 4 years old.  I also told her to keep her rosary close because she would witness something phenomenal to validate her paranormal experiences.  The owner called me the following day and told me during the investigation, an After Dark Paranormal Research team member 'locked' a bathroom door before the investigation began and then found the bathroom door 'unlocked' and open during the investigation.  She also told me the medium with After Dark Paranormal Research was in fact, communicating with a small boy..."

~~KAT DARDEN, Visionary Consultant/Medium  (817.232.8272)

"... When I first visited TERROR MANSION, San Antonio's Scariest Haunted House, I saw ghostly images of (2) men at the front door of Terror Mansion.  One was a 'handsome thug' and the other was a police officer.  I then saw a 1927 San Antonio historical event involving the fatal shooting of Sam Street, Chief of Police Detectives at San Pedro and Laurel St.  Police Chief Sam Street indicated to me he turns lights 'on and off' inside Terror Mansion to keep the owner and public safe while the man who took his life (Pete McKenzie) appears to behave more aggressive and unlocks and opens doors.  During the Sunday, October 10, 2010 After Dark Paranormal Research investigation, I communicated with a small boy upstairs who shared his fun sense of humor and compared our similar height..."

HRISTINE SOLLERS, After Dark Paranormal Research Psychic/Medium

"... On Sunday, October 10, 2010, I was present at TERROR MANSION, San Antonio's Scariest Haunted House as part of the After Dark Paranormal Research investigation team.  Just before the investigation began, I was the last person to access the downstairs bathroom where I personally 'LOCKED' the bathroom door leading to the outside.  During the investigation, I returned with my EMF to the downstairs bathroom and found the bathroom door leading to the outside 'UNLOCKED' and slightly open..."

~~LECIA FRIGO, After Dark Paranormal Research (team member)

"... On Sunday, October 10, 2010, many of our team members experienced paranormal activity at TERROR MANSION, San Antonio's Scariest Haunted House.  Team members experienced doors opening after being locked, images of shadows moving, knocking sounds, and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP's - spirit voices captured on audio tape) were also collected.  This was a fantastic investigation where team members were able to utilize all of their tools and skills in order to capture evidence.  Extremely high EMF readings were detected throughout the location and these readings fluctuated down to the lower levels to include no EMF detection whatsoever which led team members to believe that paranormal activity may be evident in certain locations.  The investigation was a great success and if you ever want to visit a true haunted house location, TERROR MANSION is it..."

~~EDDIE HILL, Founder After Dark Paranormal Research,

Since 1999, TERROR MANSION has built a solid reputation among nationwide haunts for taking "scare" to many creative levels using high tech pneumatics and very talented actors.  Every October, eager patrons wrap around a city block waiting to sacrifice their spine for a thrill.  It's not unusual to find TERROR MANSION patrons pleading to exit the haunted mansion before their tour is over.  While some have fainted, many patrons "fight on" and simply cry, crawl and scream for their life as they race past fuel-filled chainsaws and embrace the "exit" gate. Now with their well documented paranormal investigation providing evidence of abnormally high paranormal activity inside, this Halloween season, TERROR MANSION is guaranteed to be a "triple scare threat" with their combined high tech pneumatics, very talented actors and now ghostly encounters gone wild inside this very cold, dark mansion.

Nancy K Alanis,